Watch How A German Shepherd Named Iris Befriends A Lost Fawn


One of the most beautiful things in the entire animal kingdom are, in fact, unusual friendships. Who said dogs can only be friends with other dogs? Where does it say that wild animals can’t be tamed and befriended by domesticated ones?

A lovely friendship between this German Shepherd and a little fawn breaks all stereotypes and proves once and for all: friendship has no boundaries.

The Encounter That Changed Everything

german shepherd and fawn looking at each other
Source: YouTube

It was a lovely day in Southern Pines, North Carolina… pawfect for a walk in the park. Iris, a brave K9 officer in training, and her hooman dad, Adrian Flores, were enjoying their route as always, never suspecting something would come out of the bushes.

Sensing they were being watched, Iris turned around and saw an unusual newcomer. It was a baby fawn… something Iris would never expect to see!

The little fawn was lost, walking around in fear and looking for someone to protect him. When we see wild baby animals wandering alone, we immediately assume they’re orphans. 

Sometimes, the mother will reject her offspring. Sometimes, the mother will pass away, leaving her little ones unprotected. In most cases, the offspring doesn’t make it alone in the wild. 

However, the thing with deer moms and their fawns is a bit different. They don’t spend the entire day together. The deer mom only visits her offspring a couple of times a day to feed them, leaving the little ones in their hideout. 

On occasion, baby fawns wander alone, and a lot of them don’t make it back. But, this little fawn was lucky enough to wander far and find Iris and her hooman. 

Being a terrific specimen of the German Shepherd dog breed, Iris immediately sensed the fawn was in trouble. Her maternal instincts kicked in and an instant urge to protect the fawn emerged. 

Iris came close to the baby fawn, embracing her new role as a dog mom.

The little fawn relaxed almost instantly. As Iris gave her cuddles and kisses, the fawn realized she would be safe with her adoptive mommy. 

german shepherd dog sniffing a fawn on the road

The little creature didn’t even show any sign of fear around the hooman dad.

little fawn standing on the road

After an hour of playing, cuddling, and receiving comfort, the little fawn took off, probably sensing her mom was around. 

Iris was happy to help her, proving once again that German Shepherds are one of the most wonderful breeds in the world.