Starving Puppy Deprived Of Food Gets A New Chance In A Loving Home


There are currently thousands of puppies neglected and abused all over the world. Unfortunately, there’s still no universal regulation that could protect these furballs from irresponsible owners, which is why we’re seeing heartbreaking stories almost every day.

The story of Barilla, the Belgian Malionis from Granada, Spain, has the most horrific beginning. 

This poor canine was severely malnourished and starved when she was first found. She was nothing but a bag of bones and she had very little muscles. Her very survival was in jeopardy as she was threatened to suffer from organ failure…

Barilla Was Only 16 Ibs When She Was Found

starving puppy lying on table
Source: Daily Mail

When she was taken in by the animal center in Granada, Spain, Barilla weighed no more than 16 pounds. She got her name after Barilla spaghetti, as she was so thin that her bones were protruding through her skin.

She was severely malnourished and weak, and she couldn’t walk or stand on her feet. However, Eduardo Rodriguez, the owner of the center, was inclined to help this poor girl.

She Needed 24/7 Supervision

He immediately hooked her to a drip and provided her with medication alongside food. Even though she gained almost 10 pounds in just several days, Barilla was still too weak to do anything but wag her tail or move her head.

She almost didn’t have any muscles, which is why every movement was extremely hard for her. But, Eduardo didn’t give up and neither did Barilla!

starving puppy lying on examination table at vet clinic
Source: Daily Mail

They took things slowly… day by day. He’d feed her several times a day and make sure she got proper nutrition in order to build her muscle. 

As much as Barilla was too weak to walk, she never lost her enthusiasm and smile from her face. In a way, she was very grateful to Eduardo for helping her get back on her paws. And, she couldn’t wait until she got up again and started playing with her new buddy…

sad starving puppy lying on examination table at vet clinic
Source: Daily Mail

Eduardo’s still inclined to find out what happened to Barilla, as he strongly believes that she was the victim of animal cruelty. She was supposedly found like that on the street, but the marks on her body told differently.

Stray dogs usually feed themselves from rubbish and other foods they find on the street, while Barilla was extremely starved. They suspect that she was locked up somewhere and deprived of food.

The Recovery Took Months

starving puppy lying on the floor beside a man
Source: Daily Mail

After eight long weeks, Barilla was a different dog! Her recovery was so successful that she even looked like a brand new dog!

“Her recovery was staggering!”

As a one-year-old canine, she was finally able to run around, play, and exercise her full potential. She was so full of spirit!

Eduardo And Barilla: The Unbreakable Bond

man hugging dog in the yard
Source: Daily Mail

After the long journey through pain and misery, Barilla was finally in the right place – all thanks to Eduardo and his devotion to this dog! As he was so attached to her during the recovery, he decided to adopt her and make her his furever companion!

“We’re inseparable now. She’s so intelligent and obedient.”

Barilla’s now living with Eduardo’s wife and daughter and their five family dogs. She adapted incredibly well and had no problem getting back to being a cute family bug!

man and woman embracing their dog in the yard
Source: Daily Mail

Today, Barilla is a strong, happy dog that spends her days showered with love by Eduardo and his family. If there’s one thing we know with certainty, it’s that her bad days are definitely behind her!