This Rescue Dog’s Maternity Shoot Photos Will Make Your Mother’s Day Much Sweeter


Mother’s Day 2023 is fast approaching and we at PupVine can’t help ourselves but to make it memorable. 

We all love our moms and wish them only the best, not just on Mother’s Day. Still, we can’t forget some other special girls in our lives… our doggies.

Some are moms, some will soon experience that blessed role. But, all of them are stunning preggo doggies. 

To honor mothers, we’ve done a special piece of work. Today, you’ll read about one special pregnant dog, Adira… a mommy that was on the edge, but was miraculously rescued together with her pups. 

But, that’s not all! Stay here until the end to see what special treat we have for you!

Adira’s Magical Rescue 

photo of Adira the rescue dog

When all your hopes are down and everything seems like it has come to an end, there’s still one tiny beacon of hope. 

Adira didn’t lose all her hopes. She sat there, locked in her cage, praying and believing a miracle would come and imagining she would be saved.

And, the rescue did come! Her name was Brie Willis.

When Brie first saw Adira, she knew she had to help her immediately. The poor Staffordshire Terrier girl was heavily pregnant, locked in a cage that was far too small for her, and covered in her own filth.

That wasn’t a place for a mom to be. That wasn’t a place for any dog!

Willis took Adira straight to the vet where the poor girl was examined. It turned out that this mommy-to-be was expecting a large litter of 10 puppies any day. Needless to say, Willis was just in time to save Adira before it was too late. 

Being found in a tiny cage in terrible conditions, Willis assumed that it wasn’t Adira’s first time to be a mom. She saw a lot of cases of overbreeding and Adira was clearly one of them. 

That’s why Willis decided it was about time to do something special to Adira… to show her that pregnancy can be a wonderful experience.

They decided to give Adira a maternity photoshoot to celebrate her final litter!

The Day Of The Shoot

photo of Adira with a flower crown

The idea of a maternity photoshoot and celebrating a pregnancy has become one of the sweetest trends ever. Adira was about to jump on the bandwagon, too!

“We wanted the world to see what we saw in this amazing girl. She had been failed by humans so many times and it absolutely broke our hearts. Even after all the pain she had endured, and being forced to have multiple litters, we wanted to celebrate her final litter,” said Willis. 

Willis found a professional photographer, Lauren Gray, and the photoshoot began.

Adira was so excited about her special day, as if she knew everything was about her that day. 

“She got lots of treats and eventually decided she would sit still for us to get some great shots. We had originally planned for the flower crown to be on for all the photos, but that lasted a whole 30 seconds! So, we got a little creative, and that’s when we tried the crown on her belly, and it ended up being my absolute favorite of the bunch.”

Adira's maternity shoot photo

Adira adored her special day. She enjoyed lots of treats, cuddles, and praises, and felt an immense amount of love. She’s truly a blessed doggie and she will be the best mom, too! 

Update On The Litter

photo of Adira and her puppies

After 28 hours of labor, Adira gave birth not to 10, but 12 of her puppies on Valentine’s Day in Valentine’s Second Chance Animal Shelter. What a lovely coincidence!

Mommy and her little ones were all feeling great, getting ready for their adoption. 

Before they all went to their new furever families, Valentine’s Second Chance Animal Shelter organized another photoshoot for Adira and her babies. It was a campaign to promote Adira’s case and to encourage people to adopt her and her babies.

Adira and her litter of puppies

Fortunately, almost half of Adira’s litter found their furever homes in a few short weeks after their birth. 

By the middle of April, there were five puppies left to be adopted. But, taking into account how sweet mommy is and how lovable her babies are, the adoption process will be closed soon.

Adira's adorable puppies

According to my latest knowledge, only two puppies are still free for adoption, along with their mommy, Adira. Hurry up and visit Valentine’s Second Chance… a rescue organization that does wonders in Kansas City.

Maybe you could be a proud owner of one of these sweet babies!

But, Wait… We Have More!

Hold on! That’s not all! 

Inspired by Adira’s wonderful photoshoot, I did my digging and found some equally stunning maternity photoshoots. Of course, they’re all featuring our lovely canine girlfriends. 

If you don’t mind, I’d like to share some of the most stunning ones with you! 

1. Athena Is A Gorgeous Xl Bully Girl

Well, in this photo, Athena is more XXL, but that’s all baby weight. She’s such a lovely preggo with her floral crown!

pregnant bully photoshoot
Source: @so.oregonknockoutbullies

2. An Elegant Preggo

Blue Poppy looks so stunning in nothing but this elegant pearl necklace!

pregnant frenchie having a photoshoot
Source: @kismet_french_bulldogs

3. Lavender & Roses

Mommy Lavender wanted to do her photoshoot covered in rose petals. She’s a hopeless romantic. 

frenchie having a maternity photoshoot with roses
Source: @northernexoticfrenchbulldogs

4. Marley Is A Diva

Marley prefers to have her photos lying down on a soft blanket. She’s an absolute diva!

maternity photoshoot of a dachshund on a bed
Source: @lew.photography_

5. Lulu Loves Her Country Chic

There’s even a ray of sunshine peeking through. Lulu’s photoshoot was truly magical.

lulu having a country chic maternity photoshoot
Source: @lululittlelegs_

6. A Papillon Mommy Sweet As A Butterfly

She’s a real poser with her floral crown and that attitude. Wow!

papillon having a maternity photoshoot
Source: @sundream_papillons

7. Bailey, The Bernedoodle

Bailey wanted to keep things simple. A couple of pink roses, a pearl necklace, and a lacey headband were all it took to make her pretty on her maternity photoshoot. 

maternity photoshoot of a bernedoodle
Source: @serenity_creek_doodles

8. Pretty Savannah

Mommy Savannah likes to roll in wildflowers!

Savannah's maternity photo
Source: @mandyspetspa

9. Sage Took A Bath

A milk bath with flowers for this Doxie momma? You got it!

Sage having a maternity photoshoot in a bath
Source: @wearethebranches

10. Kahuna Luv And Her Tutu Skirt

Okay, write this down: tutu skirts are another must for a doggy maternity shoot!

Kahuna's maternity photo with a flower crown

11. Evee In Her Sundress

Evee is the cutest Shih Tzu mommy ever! I love everything about this photo: from her sundress to that adorable sign!

Evee the dog's maternity photo
Source: @hiskelshadoll

12. Belly Side Up

Luna, the Pomeranian, is super proud of her big baby belly. 

adorable maternity photo of a dog expecting puppies
Source: @superior_pomeranians

13. Daddy Can Come, Too

I had to include this mommy and daddy photo, too. The sign made me laugh so hard!

two dogs have a maternity photoshoot with a funny sign
Source: @sweetpotatophotography

14. A Royal Blue Corgi

Ginger loves the color, blue. I love her little blep. 

corgi's maternity photoshoot
Source: @caldwellcorgisofsocal

15. Show That Belly

Way to go, Olive! Show that pretty belly. 

aussie's maternity photoshoot
Source: @pickleandolive_theaussies