Watch How This Paralyzed Puppy Starts To Walk Again


A rapidly growing number of stray dogs, commonly known as street dogs, is a huge problem nearly all over the world. [1] As a huge dog lover, this fact alone saddens me every time I think about it. 

However, the stories like the one I am about to tell you make me believe that there is still hope for humanity. A dog’s purpose is to help us and make our life better, but sometimes it is our turn to return the favor and do the same. 

The story of this adorable little dog that was found wandering the streets of India is a sad, pitiful one, but it is also a meaningful story full of hope. It is proof of how with a little bit of love and sacrifice, we all can change the world. 

Meet Dharma… a little puppy that did not stop fighting for his life even when it seemed that there was no hope whatsoever.

He wasn’t able to move at all the first time he was found, but nobody knew why. And the only question was — will he ever be able to walk again?

Rescued At The Last Moment 

rescued puppy with deformed legs
Source: YouTube screenshot

A kind man found Dharma on the side of the road. He could have just walked past him and left him to probably die there, but he knew that this pitiful puppy deserved a chance to live. 

“He was terrified, dirty, and screaming in pain.” 

The puppy was lying down helplessly, and was unable to move, and just by the look of his shape, it was clear that there was something wrong with him. Thankfully, this kind man rushed him to the animal shelter. 

When this little puppy was brought to RRSA India, they immediately saw that he was in terrible condition. His whole coat was full of fleas and covered in dirt and sand.  

The veterinarian examined him and found that Dharma was suffering from limb deformity. 

“He could not walk, so he would drag his little body from one place to another as the only way of moving himself.”

He was extremely weak, hungry, and in a lot of pain. This little puppy required immediate medical treatment as well as some physical exercise. 

He was transported to the hospital, but everyone was still wondering if he would make it. 

The Road To Recovery 

vet helping a rescued dog
Source: YouTube screenshot

The amazing people that work at the shelter dedicated all their time and care to help Dharma. Even though he was extremely weak and unable to walk, Dharma never stopped fighting for his life. He never stopped trying to walk…

However, it was a long road to recovery. 

“He was a bit afraid of the water at first, but quickly got used to it… He might not be a special breed, but he deserved to be loved.”

Such a brave boy he was. Everyone at the rescue center loved little Dharma. They only wished for his full recovery. 

He started with his medical treatment, oral medications, supplements, and physical therapy two times a day. He still needed assistance with everything, which required a lot of dedication from his caregivers. But they never gave up on this little boy. 

Luckily, Dharma got the best crew in the world. All the people in the center were extremely devoted to helping this poor baby dog recover. And in a way, it was as if he somehow knew all that.

Day by day, he got stronger and healthier. After two weeks of therapy, Dharma was able to stand up by himself, but he still couldn’t walk. 

Daily treatment was still in full force, but no one could tell for sure whether this little street puppy would ever be able to walk… 

Miracles Do Happen 

dog with deformed legs walking
Source: YouTube screenshot

It is quite hard to define what true miracles look like, but if I could use only two words to describe this poor puppy, it would be extreme bravery, and resilience.

It took a lot of care, love, and dedication from the people who work at the rescue center to save this beautiful soul, but without his courage and strength, none of this would have been possible. 

I’m so happy to say that after only four weeks of therapy, Dharma was able to walk again. He was a bit clumsy, like a baby who makes his first steps, but they were certainly big steps towards final recovery and a normal life. 

At that point, one thing was for sure — a miracle did indeed happen. 

“The road to recovery was long and painful, but surrounded by the right people who made him feel safe, Dharma managed to do what no one could even imagine at the beginning of this story.”

This story is a true example of how it only takes a little to make a difference in this world. It is also a testament to the hard work of rescue shelter workers who tirelessly help thousands of poor puppies each year. 

With a little bit of love, care, and dedication, we could transform the lives of many more puppies that desperately need our help. Let this story be an inspiration to all of us, both me and you. 

A huge thank-you to everyone who has helped Dharma in his journey to recovery, and thank you to Dharma as well. 

You taught us that we should never stop fighting and never lose our hope.  

[1] Smith et al. (2019), The Effectiveness of Dog Population Management: A Systematic Review, DOI