Injured Desert GSD Gets Saved By Animal Rescue


Not all dogs are lucky enough to have an owner and are often abandoned or simply have to fend for themselves out on the streets.

Such was the case with this scared German Shepherd, lost in the desert without anyone to take care of him, having to scrounge for food and water.

But thankfully, the local animal rescue, Hope for Paws, found this dog roaming the outskirts of Los Angeles and managed to give him a helping hand.

Alone In The Desert

injured GSD with open mouth
Source: Facebook

He was found on the streets and was extremely tough to catch. Very stubborn and uncooperative too, likely a lingering fear from human malpractice.

The animal rescue people had to resort to entrapment via net.

They put up a large, thick net on one of the exits and corralled him toward it until he ran into and tangled himself up, because there was no catching this boy who relied on survival instinct alone.

The Hardships Of Helping Animals

Rescued GSD in a cage
Source: Facebook

Once he was caught, they had to employ several catcher’s snares to overpower him without hurting him, after which they pulled him over to a cage to get him to settle down.

A few people were concerned they themselves were trying to do the dog harm, but the misunderstanding was cleared up shortly.

Once the dog was inside, they cut him loose from the netting and the snares and allowed him to rest.

They made sure he got plenty of food and water because he was severely dehydrated roaming alone in that beating Los Angeles sun.

All’s Well That Ends Well

Rescued GSD in a cage with tongue sticking out
Source: Facebook

As soon as he saw that act of generosity, he calmed down a bit knowing he was safer than he was earlier.

The people from Hope For Paws took him to a vet to get him a medical examination, after which he was put in a foster home to help him get better adjusted to life around humans once more.

It was clear that the trauma would take some time, but he’s been managing well.

He doesn’t officially have a name, but I’m sure that this delightful German Sheppie will find himself a new family who’ll shower him with love and affection in no time.