3 Curious Cases Of Eagles Snatching Small Dogs


If you live in an area where birds of prey like big bad eagles are common, you might be worried about the safety of your pets. 

Predatory birds, such as hawks, eagles, and owls, have sharp talons and beaks that can cause serious harm to dogs. 

While it’s true that these birds can be dangerous, it’s also important to keep in mind that they typically target smaller animals like rodents and rabbits. 

In this article, we will explore three real-life cases of eagles picking up dogs in different parts of the country, and offer some insights on how to keep your pets safe in areas where eagles are known to roam. 

So, buckle up and get ready to learn about some terrifying encounters between dogs and eagles!

Can Eagles Really Pick Up Dogs? 

dog in nature looking at sky

First things first, eagles might look like buff birds, but they’re not as strong as you think. 

They might be able to pick up a small dog in their talons, but they won’t be able to carry them too far. 

The lifting power of an eagle is estimated to be around four to five pounds, which means that most dogs are too heavy for them to carry. Additionally, eagles are not very strong fliers and require a good wind to assist them in carrying heavier prey.

But, eagles are not the only predators out there. Great horned owls and hawks can also pose a serious threat to our furry friends. 

Now, I know what you’re thinking: can these birds really fly off with a 20-pound dog? The answer is no, they’re not quite strong enough for that. 

But that doesn’t mean your pup is completely safe. These birds of prey have been known to attack and kill smaller dogs, and it’s not a pretty sight.

Let’s talk about the cases of eagles picking up dogs in the US! Don’t worry, they not as gruesome as you might think!

How Coco The Yorkie Disappeared To The Sky

You won’t believe what happened to little Coco in Metlakatla, B.C. she had a real brush with a bald eagle! The giant predator swooped down and grabbed her right off her back porch! 

Luckily, her owner Justin Dudoward caught it all on his doorbell camera. 

But don’t worry, Coco didn’t become a bird’s lunch. She managed to wiggle her way out of the eagle’s talons and ran back to the porch with a few scratches on her tummy. 

The incident left Coco’s owners in shock and disbelief. What started as a peaceful day quickly turned into a nightmare when a bald eagle swooped down and grabbed their beloved pup.

When they finally caught up with Coco, they saw that her injuries were severe and they knew that time was of the essence. 

They rushed her to the vet, praying that she would make it through.

Thankfully, Coco did make a full recovery, but the emotional scars remained. Her owners couldn’t shake the image of their little canine companion being carried away by such a powerful predator. It was a traumatic experience that they would never forget.

Despite all of this, this brave pup remained the same happy-go-lucky she always was. She ran around with the same joy and enthusiasm as before!

The Tiny Dog Who Defied Gravity And Lived To Bark About It

white maltese in the park

Zoey, the little Maltese, was living her best life with her furry siblings when disaster struck. One sunny Tuesday, as the pups were playing in the yard, a huge eagle swooped down and snatched Zoey up in its talons. 

The family was devastated and searched frantically for Zoey. But the eagle had flown the coop, leaving them with no clue where their beloved pup had gone. In a last-ditch effort to find her, they posted a picture of Zoey on Facebook, hoping for a miracle.

Enter Christina Hartman, a dog lover and hero in her own right. 

She stumbled upon poor little Zoey, who was lost and alone on the side of the road, four miles away from her home. After feeding and reviving her, Christina recognized the pup from the Facebook post and knew she had to reunite her with her family.

Excitedly, Christina contacted the Newhard family and exclaimed, “And the second thing I see is Monica, and her granddaughter and Zoey!” It was a heartwarming moment of pure joy.

With Zoey safely back home, her family breathed a sigh of relief and shed tears of happiness. 

And while the eagle may have taken this small pooch on the ride of a lifetime, Christina was the real hero who brought her back to her loving family!

The Epic Tale of Lulu And The Hawk

red-tailed hawk about to grab something

Hold on tight, because we’ve got another wild story for you. 

A tiny toy Yorkie named Lulu had the fight of her life when a red-tailed hawk decided she looked like a tasty snack. Luckily for Lulu, her owner Cecilia Celis had eyes in the back of her head and spotted the hawk swooping in on her pup. 

The hawk wasn’t giving up without a fight, and poor Lulu found herself in a life or death struggle. But don’t fret, Cecilia wasn’t about to let her beloved fur baby become a hawk’s lunch! 

She charged out of the house, yelling at the bird to get off her dog. 

When that didn’t work, she grabbed the only thing she could find to fend off the winged predator: a pillow. Cecilia managed to knock the hawk off of Lulu, and the bird flew away… but not for long. 

The family soon spotted the hawk hanging around their property and, get this, they think it might actually be someone’s pet. 

But the most important thing is that little Lulu is doing better and is now one tough cookie. 

From now on, Cecilia and her family will be keeping a close eye on their pups, because you never know when a hawk might come to snatch ’em!

Decoding The Behavior Of These Feathery Dog-Snatchers

large bald eagle is perched on a large branch

Eagles are among the most majestic creatures in the animal kingdom, with their powerful talons and impressive wingspans.

When it comes to hunting, the Bald Eagle is not your typical predator. They catch their prey by flying low and using their feet to snatch it up, rather than diving like ospreys or peregrine falcons. 

And don’t be fooled by their normal flight speed – when they go in for the kill, they can reach speeds of over 75 mph. 

When they are on the hunt, they also utilize their keen eyesight to search for prey from great distances. 

So if you’re a pet owner living in an area where eagles are known to roam, it’s important to keep these impressive feats of strength in mind to keep your furry friends safe.

The Bottom Line 

While it may seem like a rare occurrence, eagles picking up dogs is a real and potential danger for small pets. 

Luckily these small and brave puppies managed to survive and escape from these big, scary birds!

Remember, even though eagles may not be able to carry off larger dogs, it’s still important to keep an eye on pets when they are outside and take preventative measures to protect them.