20 Amazingly Cute Photos Of Doggos Before And After Being Called A Good Boi


If you own a dog, then you know how calling your pup a good boy is simply a must whenever he does something praise-worthy… or simply for existing. 

And, of course, it needs to be accompanied by a high-pitched, cutesy voice. It’s okay… we all do it. I mean, saying it in a normal voice doesn’t just sit right.

It has also been proven that the dog’s brain has a dedicated area that shows more activity upon hearing an emotionally positive sound. [1] This means that speaking to them in a baby voice might actually make them happier and more reactive. 

Well, many dog owners have already noticed that calling their dog a good boy provokes an adorable reaction that needs to be captured. Here are the 20 most adorable photos of good boys and girls that you must see. 

#1 Golden Smiles Are The Best 

Golden Smiles Are The Best 
Photo from: Reddit

Such a handsome boy! Golden Retrievers are truly the dogs with the most happy-go-lucky personality ever, and this photo proves it all.  

#2 The Happiest Cloud

The Happiest Cloud
Photo from: Reddit

He’s… Adorable. Dogs are literally nuggets of compressed joy and love. He looks like he’s about to explode from all the happiness. And, that boopable snoot…

#3 Zeke Is One Happy Boi

Zeke Is One Happy Boi
Photo from: Reddit 

Zeke is literally the sweetest boy. Just look at that adorable face and the look of pure happiness in his eyes. 

#4 Oh My Gog, I Am A Good Boy!

husky before he was called a good dog
Photo from: Reddit

This picture truly shows how sometimes, all you need is a kind word from your loved one to make your day.

#5 I’m All Ears 

serious and smiling dog
Photo from: Reddit

My dog reacts the same way… it’s so funny.

#6 It’z Me? OMG, It Is Me! I’m The Good Boi!

It’z Me OMG, It Is Me! I’m The Good Boi!
Photo from: Reddit

Smiley dogs always make me feel so happy. There is nothing better to brighten your day than an adorable picture of an actual smiling dog – the Samoyed. 

#7 Before And After Being Called A Good Girl

Before And After Being Called A Good Girl
Photo from: Reddit

This isn’t a good girl… this is definitely the best, most adorable little cookie I have ever seen. My heart just melted when I saw those beautiful, diamond eyes. She is a stunner. 

#8 The Goodest Boy Ever

smiling pit bull
Photo from: Reddit

Oh My God! Could he be any more beautiful?!

#9 Is She Going To Say It? Oh Boy, Yes, She Said It!!

Is She Going To Say It Oh Boy, Yes, She Said It
Photo from: Reddit

First of all, the lighting was a paid actor in this picture, I swear… And the second – this is one happy pup. He’s an extra good boy, too. 

#10 Before And After Calling Terry A Good Boy

Before And After Calling Terry A Good Boy
Photo from: Reddit

Terry already knew, it didn’t surprise him…

#11 Who, Meeee?

Who, Meeee
Photo from: Reddit

Look at that cheesy grin… this alone could brighten my day. 

#12 Tiny Legs, Big Heart

Tiny Legs, Big Heart
Photo from: @kamclick

Corgis might have smaller legs than other pups, but they are equally good boys. 

#13 You Really Think So? 

You Really Think So
Photo from: @lawieland

Just by looking at this picture, I can tell this is the goodest pup. It’s the eyes… they never lie. 

#14 Now, Rub My Belly…

Now, Rub My Belly
Photo from: @yoshiandleeloo

Even the goodest boys out there need some love, right? And, what is a better way to show your pooch how much you love him than some belly rubs. This pup sure knows how to get what he wants.

#15 Crazy Hair, Don’t Care 

Crazy Hair, Don’t Care 
Photo from: @karli_marmalade

When you just woke up, and he calls you beautiful…

#16 He-He, I Knew It!

smiling poodle
Photo from: @seebyshreds

This dog knows it and is not afraid to show it. He is cute, though. 

#17 Who’s A Good Boy?!

Who’s A Good Boy
Photo from: Facebook

I’m so excited, and I just can’t hide it… The happiness simply radiates from him.

#18 I Am? Come Here… I Lick You

I Am Come Here… I Lick You
Photo from: Facebook

Well, they do say that dogs’ licks are the same as kisses, so he probably wants to say to you that you’re also a good boy… 

#19 Being Called A Good Boy — 3 Part Series

Being Called A Good Boy — 3 Part Series
Photo from: Reddit

Second picture: “You really said that?”… Third picture: “All right, I AM a good boy!”

#20 The Cutest Fluffy Little Baby

The Cutest Fluffy Little Baby
Photo from: Reddit

The paws, the floof, the leaf. 


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[1] Andics, A., Gácsi, M., Faragó, T., Kis, A., & Miklósi, Á. (2014). Voice-Sensitive Regions in the Dog and Human Brain Are Revealed by Comparative fMRI. Current Biology, 24(5), 574–578. DOI