The Unlikely Friendship Of German Shepherd And Ferret That Melts Everyone’s Heart


How often can you hear about a German Shepherd and a ferret being best friends? This unusual relationship brings back faith into friendships between beings that might seem incompatible at first, but might have more in common than we think.

Diana Grib, the owner of these two furry buddies, always dreamed of owning both types of animals, and she couldn’t be happier to see the two of them get along so well.

german shepherd and a ferret posing
Photo from: @nova_n_pacco

Love At First Sight

Grib’s wish wasn’t a miracle, but a well-thought process and thorough research before she got her two pets.

She searched across all of Lithuania to find a German Shepherd breeder who is reputable and welcoming of other animals as well. It was of the utmost importance for her that the doggo would have a chance to interact with all sorts of pets from early puppyhood.

Although it took her time to find the perfect pup, it all paid off as soon as she saw Nova… a beautiful German Sheppie pup that stole her heart in a matter of seconds.

sweet german shepherd puppy
Photo from: @nova_n_pacco

Nova spent her first weeks of life surrounded by other doggies and cats, but her socialization journey was just at its beginning as Grib continued socializing her with parrots, kittens, and even a baby rat.

However, the two didn’t stop there. Grib devoted all her time and energy to train her German Shepherd the best she could, as she wrote in her Instagram post.

Meeting The King Charming

little ferret on the wooden table
Photo from: @nova_n_pacco

How are kings born, and what is it like to live with one?

Grib was already happy with Nova, but she felt as if one part was still missing from her fairytale, and that was a little ferret.

But, the search for the perfect ferret pet wasn’t easy either, so Grib spent almost a year until she finally found a trustworthy breeder. Although the breeder was a thousand miles away, that didn’t stop Grib from getting her little furry buddy.

Little Pacco fit into her little family just perfectly, which is why Grib considered herself very lucky, as she described in the post:

“Besides Pacco, I picked up 2 of his brothers and 1 sister from the same litter for other people who reserved them from my country. The whole trip went smoothly. Pacco acted very well from the first seconds – he was so calm and chill compared to his siblings that I couldn’t believe my luck.”

man giving a finger to a ferret
Photo from: @nova_n_pacco

Brother From Another Mother

Nova immediately bonded with Paccco, and it looked almost like fate brought them together. Nova proved herself as an excellent big sister that takes great care of her little bro.

This was very important for Grib, as she feared a bit that the GSD’s prey drive might kick in towards such a small animal as Pacco.

dog playing with ferret outside
Photo from: @nova_n_pacco

Although German Shepherds don’t have such as strong of a prey drive as Rhodesian Ridgebacks, according to Charlie, a canine leader… every dog breed, including GSDs, have this instinct in their nature:

Considering that Grib did an amazing job training Nova, she didn’t have to worry about the interaction between her and Pacco, although sometimes they might look like they’re up to no good, like in this photo:

german shepherd with a ferret
Photo from: @nova_n_pacco

The most heartwarming moments between these two unusual buddies are usually during sleep, as they’re inseparable even when they’re off to dreamland:

Pogledajte ovu objavu na Instagramu.

Objavu dijeli Nova’n’Pacco (@nova_n_pacco)

Grib shares a lot of both adorable and hilarious situations these two find themselves in, including daily walks that made me laugh as well:

Pogledajte ovu objavu na Instagramu.

Objavu dijeli Nova’n’Pacco (@nova_n_pacco)

In Sickness And Health

Although Pacco loves to tease Nova and play with her, he also showed an amazing gesture when Nova got hurt.

Grib knew that the two were really close, but she couldn’t even imagine how much empathy a little ferret could have for his doggo friend.

One night, Nova got injured badly during a night walk, which ended up with surgery of the carpal pad. Grib felt bad about it, but she was pleasantly surprised with Pacco’s reaction.

a ferret playing with a german shepherd
Photo from: @nova_n_pacco

He acts so delicate and gentle, as if he can feel Nova’s pain, and he tries to comfort her. Their bond is so precious it melts my heart 🥺😭❤️

If you’d like to see more of these two adorable buddies, you can check out their Instagram page.