White German Shepherd Cuddles Pygmy Goat Like Her Own Puppy


It is no secret that GSDs are known as affectionate and protective family dogs, but they still manage to surprise us with how amazing they can be. 

They adapt quickly, they perfect training skills in no time, and they have the greatest intuition in the world! But, what they’re best at is definitely their loyalty. 

Shadow is a white German Shepherd that lives her best life around her family members on a farm in Grinnell, Iowa.

She’s such a sweet and loving dog, but her unusual friendship with a pygmy goat is particularly cute…

Shadow – One Of A Kind

a dwarf goat lies next to a white shepherd
Source: Rumble Viral 

In the video posted by Rumble Viral, on YouTube, we can see Shadow caring for her tiny little goat friend as if she was one of her own puppies. She’s just so joyful to be around her, giving her warm kisses and enjoying every moment with her.

You can even see how sparkly Shadow’s eyes are while the goat is trying to snuggle right next to her belly. There’s no doubt that Shadow took over the role of a mom for this cute pygmy creature and she has no intention to let her go.

Shadow and her little daughter are definitely made for each other and they know it!

a white shepherd petting a goat
Source: Rumble Viral 

Robin Breeds Pygmy Goats, Too

Robin Krumm, a dog breeder from Iowa and the founder of Royalair German Shepherds, has been in this business for more than thirty years. She’s a proud owner of Shadow, who’s now an unavoidable part of the family.

Aside from German Shepherds, Robin has pygmy goats, horses, and geese on her farm. 

dwarf cute goat
Source: Royalair German Shepherds

Apparently, Shadow gets along well with all of them, being the center of attention and the family’s sweetheart. But, at the same time – she’s the one that keeps an eye on every one of them!

She’s Great With Other Dogs, Too

a white German shepherd lies with a dog on the carpet
Source: Royalair German Shepherds

Shadow has been an amazing dog for years. She already had a litter of her own puppies before, but now she’s spayed. However, that doesn’t stop her from continuing to care for other animals and other dogs.

She enjoys spending her time in their home in Grinnell, Iowa, with other German Shepherds, playing with them or simply laying around with them and soaking up the beauty of her microworld.

Shadow’s a senior, but that’s just an additional motive to feel responsible for her baby brothers and sisters. And, that’s just the cutest thing ever!

The Protector Of Her Family

a little girl hugs a white German shepherd
Source: Royalair German Shepherds

Her pygmy goat daughter isn’t the only family member she takes care of. Shadow also acts protectively around her hoomans, making sure that they’re safe at all times.

She’s just so loyal and devoted to her family that she doesn’t let them out of sight even for one moment. Her mommying simply didn’t stop with her own litter. Shadow has been a mom to all the animals for years and she’s not planning to stop.