Abused Dog Finds Home In A Police Station And Becomes The Pawfect Officer


Many street dogs get adopted every day all around the world, but nobody exactly knows how these tiny paws manage to end up exactly where they’re supposed to be and when they’re supposed to be – the right place at the right time. One thing is for sure – destiny works in mysterious ways! 

It was just a usual day in Bayamón, Puerto Rico, when a stray dog accidentally wandered into a police station. And, boy was that the pawfect coincidence! Why? You’re about to find out…

Sergeant Tony Welcomed El Gorgi To The Station

policeman cuddling dog
Source: primerahora.com

The dog that was later named “El Gorgi” entered the police station in an attempt to find shelter. Sergeant Tony, who was on duty that day, saw this poor boy, approached him gently, and offered him food and water.

Gorgi ate the food and shared a few moments with Tony and his colleagues before he left the station for the night. They thought that was about it, but Gorgi came back the very next day…

The Bond Has Been Created

policeman sitting with dog by the table
Source: youtube.com

When they spotted him again the next day, it was clear that Gorgi considered the police station his safe area. As he was such a cute and affectionate boy that got along with everyone from the moment he first came to the station, the officers decided to provide him help.

Gorgi was clearly malnourished and weak, and by the scars on his body, it was obvious that he was severely mistreated and abused. The officers took him to the vet for a checkup and treated him with the money they collected together.

The Honorary Surveillance Dog

police dog sitting
Source: metro.pr

Week after week, Gorgi made himself at home at the Bayamón Police Station in Puerto Rico. He got into everyone’s heart in no time and practically cuddled his way into the station. That’s why the officers decided to make him an honorary surveillance dog.

They equipped him with a badge, a vest, and a dog bed where he could rest and sleep overnight. 

police dog posing
Source: facebook.com

Even though it was just an honorary position, Gorgi took his job seriously. He was such an obedient and dedicated dog that served impeccably. And, that’s why he was recently promoted to the rank of captain!

Once an abandoned, stray dog, Gorgi was now a proud K9 captain at his police station in Bayamón!

He’s Living Like A King

happy dog with policeman
Source: youtube.com

Even though he’s an outstanding worker in the office, Gorgi’s still living the best life possible! He enjoys hanging out with his office buddies very much! He gets to sit in the passenger seat, take well-deserved afternoon naps, and eat all of his favorite treats!

His story is proof that with the little you give, you get plenty in return. 

Back then, Gorgi was just a street dog inclined to surviving, but with the big-hearted intervention of a hooman, he now gets to live his best days! We hope that he continues to enjoy the company of Tony and the guys for a very long time!