Sweet Pitbull Mamma Adopts An Abandoned Squirrel


A mother is not only a biological mother. 

A mother is someone who raises you, showers you with love, and devotes her entire life to you. 

Animals and humans aren’t that different. We all come rushing in when someone is desperate for help. It’s not uncommon for animals like dogs to adopt orphaned little ones that are seeking their mommy. 

This lovely Pitbull girl listened to her instincts and accepted into her paws a tiny orphan squirrel… a poor baby that was in need. 

The bond these two achieved will make you tear up like no time before.

How I Met My (New) Mother

pitbull with squirell
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Oh, Pitbulls are so strong, tough, and dangerous. They’re the worst dogs ever, and no one should own them. 

Yup, that’s what most people think about Pitbulls. Little do they know that Pitbulls are one of the sweetest dogs in the world. It’s no surprise that Pitbulls were once used as nanny dogs. That’s how sweet and caring they are!

Everly is a wonderful specimen of her breed. She’s a gorgeous Pitbull girl with an even prettier heart. 

One day, when Everly and her hooman mom, Morgan Joy Groves, were on a walk through their neighborhood in Charlotte, North Carolina, they noticed a small squirrel that appeared to be lost and lonely. Clearly, the poor wild creature needed help.

pitbull playing with squirrel
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Everly’s attention was instantly turned to the baby squirrel, and the squirrel seemed interested in the dog, too. It was clear to Morgan that this encounter wouldn’t end in the park.

And, it really didn’t end there!

The squirrel followed Everly and Morgan home. When Everly laid down in front of her house to rest after the walk, the squirrel took it as a sign and decided to get closer. The little fella didn’t show any signs of fear, and was pretty interested in seeing what would happen if he came so close.

Of course, since Everly is such a good girl, nothing bad happened. She allowed the squirrel to come and cuddle with her. The unusual little foster family took a nap together and they both enjoyed it.

little squirrel laying on the pitbull
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The rest is history.

Everly and her squirrel son took many naps together, and he cuddled as if he was a real Pitty puppy.

pitbull sniffing squirrel
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Unfortunately, growing up in a household without his wildlife friends wasn’t quite healthy for the squirrel boy. Morgan didn’t really know how to raise a squirrel, so they decided it would be best for the little guy to be surrendered to the local wildlife shelter.

Everly was sad to leave her adopted son, but she knew she was doing the right thing. She’s still a Charlotte girl, full of love and ready to express her fondness for every animal, including her feline sister, Belle.

If you want to feel Everly’s sweet heart through online channels, you can follow her and her family on Instagram and help them grow their fanbase.