15 Hilarious Signs That Prove The Vet’s Place Isn’t The Worst Place


Going to the vet’s can be fun.

I know what you’re thinking: Yeah, tell that to my dog.

Well, if I were a dog, I wouldn’t mind going to any of these places you’ll see today. Someone who makes such awesome jokes has to be a terrific person and a delight to have around.

Vets are people, too!

For all those Fidos and Fionas that have issues with going to the vet, here’s something that will help them change their mind about the vet and see there’s nothing to be afraid of.

There are hilarious vet signs going viral and I have the top 15 of them that will make you chuckle. 

1. We Should Go With This Name Instead

Get it? Chilly because it’s cold in the Swiss Alps, and cheesy because, duh, Switzerland!

funny vet sign
Source: @carrollcountyveterinaryclinic

2. Oh My God, Becky, Look At Her Mutt

Baby got mutts!

funny vet sign about mutts
Source: @county_line_vet

3. Glad To See They Don’t Shih Tzu With Us

Vet clinics like this one sure mean business.

funny vet clinic sign about cats and dogs
Source: @faiadewolf

4. Got Your Back

Good to know your dog has your back when things go wrong. If only he knew the Heimlich maneuver, too! 

carrol county funny vet clinic sign
Source: @carrollcountyveterinaryclinic

5. Time Of My Life

Because every day spent with your dog is a part of the best time of your life. So, go nail that Dirty Dancing jump!

funny vet clinic sign about dirty dancing
Source: @carrollcountyveterinaryclinic

6. With Pawberries On The Side

I once had a dog named Waffles. He enjoyed woofles for breakfast every morning. 

funny vet clinic sign about dog breakfast
Source: @greencrossmoorooka

7. Faster Than Flash Himself

Just some of the perks of owning a canine vacuum cleaner. 

funny vet sign about dogs
Source: @carrollcountyveterinaryclinic

8. … And We Do Not Inflate Them Back

… And we hope you’re not too fond of your balls either.

funny vet sign about deflating balls
Source: @delriovet

9. It Was Definitely A Cat Person

Could this be the most useless thing invented, ever? You know, from a dog’s POV.

funny vet sign about dogs and doorbells
Source: @carrollcountyveterinaryclinic

10. Poof, And He’s Gone

The last we heard from him was Labracadabra!

funny joke on vet clinic sign
Source: BoredPanda

11. Hey, I’m Someone’s Kid, Too!

Can I Get a Free Puppy, Too? Keep the espresso.

funny vet clinic sign
Source: BoredPanda

12. Trust Me, The Disclaimer Is Necessary

You wouldn’t believe the number of people coming in and demanding belly rubs, too!

funny vet sign about belly rubs
Source: BoredPanda

13. The Only Kind Of Rain I’d Like

So, yeah… let it pour!

funny pun on a vet clinic sign
Source: BoredPanda

14. I’d Like To Make An Appointment

Do neighbors count in, too?

funny vet clinic sign about neutering
Source: BoredPanda

15. Maybe It’s Time For A DNA Test

Are you anxious to see the results?

funny sign about dna testing at a vet clinic
Source: BoredPanda