NYPD Officer Rescues A Chained-Up Pit Bull


Animal cruelty is a heartbreaking reality that persists in our society today, leaving countless innocent animals vulnerable to abuse and abandonment. But in the face of such adversity, there are those who refuse to turn a blind eye to the suffering of these animals. 

Among them are compassionate individuals like NYPD Officer Michael Pascale, who go above and beyond to help animals in need. 

This story of friendship, love, and redemption is sure to leave you with a smile on your face and a renewed faith in humanity!

From A Routine Patrol In A Public Park To An Unforgettable Encounter

photo of a chained pitbull
Source: The Dodo

It was a typical day for Brooklyn Officer Michael Pascale as he drove through a public park on patrol. But what he saw out of the corner of his eye stopped him in his tracks.

The officer noticed an abandoned Pit Bull dog chained up, surrounded by debris and shivering. Used needles and broken beer bottles littered the area, and the dog’s eyes pleaded for help.

It was clear that the poor creature had been left to fend for himself for some time. Nobody knows who did this to the poor creature or why. 

Unchaining And Rushing A Neglected Pittie To Safety

policeman unchains the pitbull
Source: The Dodo

Pascale couldn’t just turn a blind eye to the helpless creature, his heart was telling him to take action. It was more than just a duty as a police officer – it was a matter of compassion and empathy towards a soul in need.  

As a devoted animal lover, he couldn’t bear to see the Pittie suffer any longer.

“He’s just staring up with these help me eyes,” the cop recalled.  

Without hesitation, he knew he had to rescue the innocent pup and take him to the Brooklyn ACC.

He carefully approached the dog, gently freeing him from the chain and wrapping him in a blanket before carefully placing him in his patrol car. 

As he drove to the shelter, he couldn’t help but think of the inhumanity of those who had abandoned the dog in such a way.

A Makeover And A New Name 

chained pitbull gets a makeover
Source: The Dodo

As soon as they arrived at the shelter, the team of compassionate staff and the dedicated officer sprang into action, tending to the poor dog’s immediate needs with urgency and care.

They decided to give the dog a new name to signify his fresh start in life and agreed on the name “Joey,” a name fitting for the resilient pup who had already shown so much bravery and strength.

As he dried Joey off, Officer Pascalce couldn’t help but bond with him. “It’s resonating with me because I don’t just see an animal, I see a soul,” he said. 

Feeling proud of his rescue, the officer couldn’t wait to share his achievement with his wife. He reached for his phone, snapped a photo of Joey, and sent it to her. 

When she saw the image of the shivering and scared dog, she couldn’t believe someone could be so cruel to an innocent animal, and she urged him to bring Joey home.

Joey’s fate was sealed. He was no longer an abandoned dog, but a member of the Pascale family.

However, there was a mandatory 72-hour hold on all rescues at the shelter, so they would have to wait until they brought the Pittie home. It is safe to say that the officer couldn’t stop thinking about Joey! 

Finding Love And A Forever Home

policemen smile while holding a saved pitbull
Source: The Dodo

On the third day, he went back to see him during his lunch break, and they went for a walk. Joey even fell asleep with Pascale’s hand under his chin!

Finally, the day came when Officer Pascale could bring Joey home. 

As soon as he saw Officer Pascale, Joey ran to him, kissing him, and showing his appreciation. His wife welcomed Joey with open arms, and they instantly bonded. 

Joey’s eyes and body language showed how grateful he was to be rescued and loved.

Best Friends Furever

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Officer Pascale’s bond with Joey was undeniable. 

“With all due respect to all the partners that I have at work, this is my number 1 partner! This is my best bud!” he exclaimed. 

Joey’s transformation from being chained up in the cold rain to a ball of energy and love was a complete 180, and the officer and his wife couldn’t be happier!

The outpouring of love and support for this pawesome family has been overwhelming, with many commending their kind-heartedness and generosity.

We are grateful to Officer Pascale and his wife for opening their arms and home to Joey and providing him with the love and care he deserves.