German Shepherd Found Safe In Quebec One Week After Being Stolen From His Owner


The story of Diesel, the German Shepherd who went missing after he was stolen, together with David’s truck, in Iroquois, Ontario, shows all the greatness of humanity.

When he realized that his lifetime companion had been stolen, David moved mountains to get him back. And, the best part of it – he wasn’t alone in this mission! Together with David’s family and friends, all the local community took part in bringing Diesel home.

David And His Friends Searched All Over For Diesel

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Source: CTV News

David had gone into a local store to buy some things when his truck was stolen. He left the truck running in front of the store, but the bad news was that his 11-year-old German Shepherd, Diesel, was in it, too!

A few days later, the truck was found in Iroquois with the plates removed, but there was no sign of Diesel whatsoever.

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Source: CTV News

It was the longest week of David’s life. His sister, Julia, and a couple of his friends searched for Diesel all over Ontario, but there was no success. The story of a dog missing soon went viral and it captured the attention of people from all over the region.

Dropped Off 115 Kilometers Away From Where He Was Taken

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Source: CTV News Ottawa

David got a call that Diesel was dropped off at the SPCA in Valleyfield, Quebec, which was around 115 km away from the place where he was taken.

Apparently, an unknown person surrendered the dog to this animal facility once he was spotted nearby, but to this day, David doesn’t know who he was.

The good news is that Diesel was left there without any injuries once he was taken in. The team took good care of him, and provided him with food and water until his owner arrived. 

He was so grateful to all the people who helped him in this search. 

“I am so grateful to all of you. All I can say is thank you so much. My dog and I are so happy to see each other again.”

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Source: CTV News

Emotional Reunion

owner hugging his german shepherd dog after reunion
Source: Les Services animaliers de Salaberry-de-Valleyfield 

The reunion between David and his dog was extremely emotional. Even though he was only missing for seven days, David was devastated the whole time as he and Diesel had such a special relationship.

“This guy is my world.”

Luckily, after many sleepless hours, he was finally safe and back in his loving home in Ontario. David and the community that was involved in Diesel’s rescue carried out a fundraiser for the SPCA as a sign of gratitude for all that they did for Diesel.

As said by the SPCA management, the money will be used for the well-being of animals. This humane act shows that when united – there’s nothing that doggo lovers cannot do together!


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