Destiny Brings Long Lost Sibling Dogs Together In A New Home


The story of Fred and Fiona is the most amazing thing that you will read today. The two abandoned dogs parted ways in 2014 in California. He was abandoned in a park by his family, and Fiona ended up at a yard sale. 

The brother and the sister met again totally unexpectedly after a woman adopted Fred and then decided to adopt Fiona three years later. The crazy part is that she didn’t know the two dogs were siblings.
Here’s how it happened…

Fred Was Adopted In 2014 After Being Abandoned In A Park

cute dog sitting on the tiles and looking at the camera
Source: @fredandfionareunite

Fred was abandoned by his first family in 2014 in a park in Southern California. After he was brought to a shelter, a woman who worked there decided to adopt him. Fred, as it turns out, is dominantly a mix between a Siberian Husky and a Bully.

After a while, the woman moved with him to Wisconsin, thousands of miles away from Fred’s initial home.

Two Years Later – Fiona Came Into The Family

Fiona Came Into The Family
Source: Reddit

After Fred’s new owner saw a post about another abandoned dog in California in 2017, it reminded her about when she first saw Fred. The crazy part was that this dog even looked almost the same! She immediately fell in love with Diamond, which was Fiona’s first name. 

With a little help of her former coworkers from the shelter in California, she somehow managed to transfer Fiona to Wisconsin. The original idea was to take her in as a foster dog, but after Fiona came into her home, she knew that she must keep her.

“Someone I knew tagged me on a post about her, and I got the same feeling that I had when I met Fred for the first time. I knew that she had to come to me. The original plan was for her to be my temporary foster. Whoops!”

The DNA Test Shows Fred And Fiona Are Siblings

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Source: @fredandfionareunite

After getting so much feedback on their similar looks, the woman decided to DNA test these two dogs. She suspected that the two might be the same breed, but never in her wildest dreams did she imagine that Fiona and Fred are actual siblings.

The DNA test results came in and showed that these two dogs share over 50% of the same DNA, indicating that they are full brother and sister. 

“I have no idea if they feel like they know each other from their younger life in California, but they are a perfect match!”

Was their reunion just the craziest coincidence or the greatest destiny – we’ll never know. But, we do know that Fiona and Fred are now 10-year-old canines who live the best life in Wisconsin together, happy in their furever home.