Big Cane Corso Helps His Owner Raise Their Baby Boy 


Many people say that raising a giant dog and a small baby is not the best parenting decision; however, stories like the one of Drax and his baby brother growing up together, side by side, prove us otherwise. 

I, myself, was raised alongside big dogs that always made me feel like the most protected child in the world. Seeing this child feel the same about his big brother makes me so happy that I’m here today to share this beautiful story with you. 

Two Unexpected Best Friends

cane corso watching a small baby
Source: YouTube

Drax became a part of the family when he was just eight weeks old, but he was not the only addition this family was about to face. 

“We had found out that I was pregnant as well!”, says the mom in the video.

“As my belly grew, he was always right there… sitting on my lap, laying on my stomach. He was always very gentle with me.”  

It was clear from the beginning that Drax would love his little brother, but they didn’t leave anything to chance. They really focused on early socialization and desensitizing. When they first met, Drax was only allowed to observe the baby from afar. 

“Drax just loved soaking in this little baby… They just were instantly like little magnets to each other.

cane corso Drax drinks water that the baby pours
Source: YouTube

As the baby grew, so did the dog. When the baby was one year old, Drax reached his full size, about 125 pounds. 

The difference between the two was so big that even mom jokes in the video that “A lot of people said it looks like we let a gorilla in the house.” 

A Gentle Protector 

cane corso protects the baby
Source: YouTube

“Even though he’s big, he’s just such a gentle giant”. 

No one could believe how gentle and careful this giant dog is with his little brother. You could clearly see that this dog adores the kid, and that the kid adores the dog. This is for sure the most protected child ever, who has his best friend, big brother, and bodyguard all in one.  

“If they hear anything, they’ll just sit there and observe and watch together. They’re always watching out those windows!”, the mom recounts. 

cane corso and baby watching by the window together
Source: YouTube

Drax was also included in every aspect of the baby’s development. When they wanted to teach the kid to roll over, Drax was right next to him rolling on his back, trying to show the kid how to do it.

“He might look big and intimidating, but he has a complex where he thinks he’s just this little, tiny lap dog.

No matter what the baby is doing, his gentle giant is always watching over him like a true big brother whether it is hanging in a little jumper, playing in a new ball pit, or going to a park. “I think Drax thinks they built it for him”, says the mom, jokingly.  

Breaking Down Stereotypes

Drax and baby watch Santa Claus
Source: YouTube

A child’s first Christmas is always special, especially when he has his puppy with him to share all the fun. When Santa and Mrs. Claus visited the family, you couldn’t tell who was happier – the dog or the child. 

“I think Drax was more of a fan of Santa and Mrs. Claus than our own son was!”, admits the mom, laughing. 

After all, Drax has been such an amazing boy/big brother that he certainly deserves a gift from Santa as well. 

Drax has changed my perspective on how beautiful dogs can be. Breaking down those stereotypes… It’s just so fun to see them grow up together.” 

drax rests next to baby boy
Source: YouTube

It certainly is wonderful to see such a beautiful family – parents who believe that dogs are family, too, and that they are willing to put in the work to include the dog in their son’s life. 

In the end, they made their son’s life so much better because he now has a furry brother that loves him unconditionally. 
If you’re wondering what Drax is doing now, he is probably occupied with his two favorite things… cheese and kiddos (having another little baby to watch over and protect).