Meet Enzo, The Magnificent Batman-Like Great Dane


Having a Great Dane in your home equals having a great amount of fun. These large canines are natural-born athletes, affectionate and always ready to please. 

While many think that they’re hard to maintain due to their robust body, the truth is that Great Danes are basically nothing but great entertainers!

But, Enzo… the Great Dane from Quebec, Canada, is something else! Aside from his amazing family traits and friendly character, this 150-pound black boy is basically Batman! 

Enzo Is The Protector Of His Quebec Home

black great dane dog in nature
Source: @enzo.greatdane

Enzo, the black, erect-eared, shiny-coated dog who’s now officially known as “Batdog”, is very protective of his family! His home in Quebec represents his own personal Gotham City that he feels like protecting the whole time.

But, other than that – Enzo is such a great boy! After all… he’s a Great Dane!

He Only Wants To Cuddle And Play

woman embracing black great dane dog in the snow
Source: @enzo.greatdane

Many people who see Enzo for the first time think of him as a scary, Batman-like dog. However, once they get to know him, they realize he’s nothing but a sweet, loving boy eager to play at all times.

According to Danny, Enzo’s dad, he just loves cuddling with the family, which practically makes him a giant Teddy bear.

He’s very friendly to strangers and other dogs that he meets. However, his all-time favorite hoomans are small kids! When Danny and his wife first had a baby, Enzo took his role of being a brother very seriously.  

baby girl sitting beside great dane dog on a meadow
Source: @enzo.greatdane

“The beast is now a big brother. I’m impressed by his ability to feel people around,” wrote Danny, on Instagram.

He’s a very intuitive dog that takes such good care of his baby sister. But, she’s not the only one that he feels obligated to protect. Whenever he sees a baby on the street, he intuitively transforms into a big brother!

One day, when he was out with Danny, he saw a drunk man walking with a kid. He immediately barked as if he knew that the kid wasn’t treated properly. Even though he doesn’t have any parenting experience nor is he a service dog, Enzo naturally behaves like one!

He’s A Local Celebrity

great dane dog sitting on the snow
Source: @enzo.greatdane

Now, it’s official – Enzo’s a local superstar! Over forty thousand people follow his adventures on his official Instagram account, but that’s not the only reason why he is so popular!

Whenever he’s out on a walk with his parents in Quebec, Canada, people approach him to take a picture or to pet him. And, even though he’s Batman, he can’t go back to being Bruce Wayne in order to avoid all the attention.

But, that’s not a problem for Enzo, as he just enjoys being famous!

great dane dog in nature
Source: @enzo.greatdane

Still, at the end of the day, his hoomans are all that matters! Enzo, the Batman to his own little family, is a loyal dog that loves spending his time with Danny and the girls more than anything else.