These Videos Of GSDs Protecting Their Little Hoomans Will Melt Your Heart


German Shepherds are hero dogs. Sorry to the rest of the canine kingdom, but these dogs are the real MVPs. 
When someone wants to be safe and to protect his family, they get a German Shepherd. They will do the job how it’s supposed to be done. They’ll do it with impeccable dedication. And, they’ll prove to everyone they were born to be valued as protectors.

Families throughout history have enjoyed GSD companionship. They believed in these dogs more than they were afraid of them. Once a German Shepherd learns who his master is, he will protect him and everything connected to him at all cost.

It’s not a rare occasion to see a German Shepherd rescuing a human being. But, when the saved human is actually a tiny hooman, a pure-hearted kid, we can only melt at the sight, sigh, and squeal in adornment. 

These heroic German Shepherds have saved their tiny hoomans from all kinds of unfortunate events. If you need a daily dose of heartwarming videos, you’re in the right place!

German Shepherd Protects Kid From Stray Dogs

Source: YouTube

Not all stray dogs can be friends. Some of them are exhausted, hungry, deprived of everything, and their judgment isn’t proper. We must approach such dogs with care, so better let the professionals handle the situation.

This German Shepherd felt like those dogs surrounding his family home weren’t the friendliest. As the owner arrives in his car, the family GSD runs out and starts scaring away the strays. He did that so the little girl could get out of the car unharmed.

In one moment, when the girl starts walking towards a stray, he turns on beast mode and runs after the stray, chasing him away from his favorite little hooman. 

Tank, The Brave GSD, Saves His Tiny Hooman From The Neighborhood Dog

the child runs with the dogs in the garden
Source: YouTube

The next video brings us Tank… a heroic German Shepherd that proves these dogs are always on the lookout. 

Tank and his 6-year-old little hooman were playing outside the house when Tank sensed danger approaching them within seconds. 

He went from play mode to protect mode in a blink of an eye. As the neighborhood dog approached them with an intention to attack, Tank gently pushed away the kid and started attacking the newcomer. 

He was able to chase him away in just a few moments. The hoomans arrived, too, helping Tank handle the situation. 

Luckily, the boy was unharmed and the footage of Tank’s fast reaction scored over 45 million views on TikTok!

German Shepherd Saves A Kid From Drowning

German shepherd rescues a child in a pool
Source: YouTube

The following footage is an acting scene, but it’s good to know the family dog would react properly if something terrible happened.

It’s a sunny day and the kids are at the pool. Suddenly, one of them starts waving his hands and screaming for help. Seems like he’s drowning. 

The family’s German Shepherd becomes instantly alerted. He starts pacing around, finding a way to enter the pool. He finally figures out how to get in the water and quickly swims towards the drowning kid. 

The dog helps the kid get a grip on him and starts swimming towards the pool edge. 

Watch how this tiny hooman was saved by a GSD that’s not afraid of the water.

German Shepherd Responds Incredibly When An Intruder Walks In

a German shepherd nibbles on its owner
Source: YouTube

This is another video that isn’t really real, but it’s a scenario that could definitely happen.

Most families pick German Shepherds to keep their home safe from an intruder. A well-trained GSD will do anything to fiercely protect his family. And, yes… that includes biting. With an incredible bite force, German Shepherds are pretty strong dogs. 

Let’s just say the real intruder wouldn’t make it if he encountered this good boy. 

As the girl holds him by his collar, the GSD barks like crazy at the intruder. Then, she releases him with a command and the attack mode is on. The dog bites the fake intruder who was wearing a K9 bite sleeve.

Needless to say this family sleeps sound at night, knowing they have such a spectacular German Shepherd.

German Shepherd Protects A Newborn Baby From A Husky

a German shepherd looks after the child
Source: YouTube

Don’t get me wrong… the Husky wasn’t dangerous at all. He was just curious. But, the German Shepherd clearly said to him: not on my watch. 

You see, dogs like German Shepherds tend to imprint themselves onto people they pick. Apparently, this GSD picked the tiniest hooman of them all, vouching that he’ll protect the baby from everything. 

When the Husky tries to see and sniff the baby, the protect mode turns on and the GSD starts pushing him away. They’re clearly buddies, but this GSD doesn’t allow any shenanigans.