Husky’s Talent Of Singing TV Theme Songs Helps Him Find His Way Home


I hope you never experience your dog getting lost. It’s a pain that can bring a man down. When you know your dog is out there, and there’s nothing you can do to bring him back, the feeling of uselessness increases.

Sadly, dogs get lost all the time. Sometimes, the wilderness calls and the adventures are too tempting to resist. And if you’re a proud Husky owner — the chances of your boy getting occasionally mischievous and adventurous are naturally higher.

What happened to a Siberian Husky from Be’er Sheva, Israel, is not quite familiar. The bottom line is: he got separated from his human family, and his humans were desperate to bring him back. 

A Successful Find

Lost Siberian Husky in Israel
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A poor, weak, and seemingly malnourished Siberian Husky caught the attention of a group of teenagers. The group of friends was having fun near the archeological site of Be’er Sheva, Israel, when they realized that the dog was not a stray. That dog had a loving home once.

Time did not leave a lot of trace on the Husky’s appearance other than his weight and his dirty coat. He was still a friendly canine – docile and sweet around the people. 

The teenagers brought the dog to the nearest police station. But, the story didn’t end there. 

A Face That Sounds Familiar

husky howling outdoor
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There was something about that Husky that seemed familiar. The officers helped the poor canine recover, and finally realized why his face was so recognizable: His owner reported him missing! 

The number was there. The dog was there, too. The only thing left to do was call the owner to notify him that his beloved pup was found. 

Instead of taking the long drive to pick up the pup that he wasn’t sure was his, the owner had a different idea… a much better one! He asked the police officer to put him on the phone. That’s right – to put the dog on the phone.

The reason might shock you, but it is pretty reasonable for all Husky owners.

As soon as he heard his favorite TV show themes, the pup bounced up and started singing along. The people gathered around him, heard him singing to the theme song of a popular Israeli show called Shemesh, and a beloved children’s show called Arthur.

The Husky really sang along! 

The people couldn’t believe their ears, and neither could the owner. He was certain: that was his Husky! 

What A Happy Ending

man cuddling with husky
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Huskies usually communicate by howling, which seems like singing. They rarely bark. The lost Husky pup was ecstatic to hear his favorite tunes once again. The howling continued, and the police officers had everything on tape. 

You don’t get to capture footage of a Husky singing every day when you’re on duty.

It didn’t take long before the happy owner arrived to pick up his dog, showered in tears. 

The two were over-the-moon excited to be reunited. The Husky’s owner had nothing but eternal gratitude for this kind act. And, the Husky was more than happy to have a home again where he could watch his favorite shows and sing along.