Phil And Esther Are Proof Dogs And Pigs Can Be Friends


Steve Jenkins and Derek Walter, from Ontario, Canada, couldn’t even imagine what their life would look like before they got Esther… a loving piglet that turned into 600 pounds of pure love and cuteness. 

And, then came Phil… a doggo that became Esther’s BFF.

The unusual friendship of these two wonderful animals is inspiration for thousands of people who follow Esther The Wonder Pig on social media.

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From Annoying Intruder To Brother From Another Mother

The story of Phil and Esther is amazing, but it did not begin that way. Phil was an anxious pup that required a lot of attention he couldn’t get from his previous owners.

His little heart was broken, but fortunately enough, it healed quickly after Jenkins and Walter introduced him to his new home and family.

the dog lies leaning on the pig
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However, Esther wasn’t so excited about the new family member as her owners were. Instead, Esther felt annoyed by Phil’s fierce energy and the fact that he didn’t have any problems with taking her stuff.

But, her owners think that none of these things were the real problem Esther had with the new furry addition to the family, and that was the loss of Shelby… her loyal furry friend, as they explained in the interview for Rover.

the pig is standing and looking at the dog lying on his pillow
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Esther was still grieving the loss of our beautiful Shelby, who had been her constant companion, and then inbounded Phil, who was no calming presence like Shelby had been.

On the other hand, Phil was so excited about his piggy friend that he couldn’t stay away from her for a second. In the end, he finally found the way to Esther’s heart.

Phil kept trying to kiss Esther, and cuddle with her on her mattress, and I think his persistence won her over.

According to this video, Esther found the right method to keep Phil calm, and he didn’t seem to mind it at all.

The Tale Of Inseparable Buddies

In the beginning, Esther couldn’t even imagine that Phil would become her closest buddy, especially after she lost a friend she loved so much.

Although Phil was the complete opposite of Shelby, he somehow managed to get under Esther’s skin.

Seeing them now, no one would ever say that these two adorable buddies once didn’t get along so well.

a pig and a dog are sleeping on the couch
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Phil’s lovely muzzle is a common sight on Esther’s Instagram page, as he almost never separates from her.

They eat, sleep, play, and make a mess together, but fortunately, their owners love them so much that they don’t get (too) mad at them.

However, there is one thing (person) who turns these two pals into rivals, and that is grandma, who comes with delicious treats and shares them with both Phil And Esther. They often become quite competitive, so feeding often turns into a battle.

the woman feeds the dog and the pig
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Of course, there’s no bad blood after the competition ends, as they continue spending time together like nothing happened (usually napping, like in the video below).

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You can continue following their story on Esther’s social media accounts, where their owners post adorable photos of one of the most famous pigs in the world and her furry friend.