Life Before And After Getting A Dog (With Pictures)


Everyone knows that life with a dog is a hundred times better than life without one. Those furry creatures are much more than just animals. 

A dog offers you companionship, unconditional love, happiness, support, and can provide you with a sense of purpose and responsibility. 

However, it also means that you will have to adjust your lifestyle, your home, and your everyday activities (a bit).

A Taiwanese artist who goes under the name, John, (@mai2john) has created several illustrations that showcase just how much his life has changed after getting a Golden Retriever named Maimai. 

These side-by-side illustrations perfectly depict life before and after getting a dog, and I am sure that every single one of you dog owners will be able to relate. 

So, let’s see how exactly your life changes… (for the better!) 

#1 “Look Dad, I’ve Decorated!”

Your home environment will probably undergo some changes when you get a dog. It’s possible that your home will always be messy, but look at that smile. 

That look on your dog’s face is what makes it all worth it. The destroyed furniture, chewed things, mess… nothing can compare to the look of pure love and happiness. 

funny photo of a life before and after a dog
Source: Facebook

#2 Photo Storage Full 

Your phone will likely see some major picture content improvement. I always wonder why my storage is almost full, but then I find myself taking a picture whenever my dog does anything, basically… just existing. 

Anyway, dogs are much cuter than pictures of yesterday’s lunch…

funny photo of a camera roll before and after getting a dog
Source: Facebook

#3 Sharing Is Caring 

Eating will never be the same because you’ll always have some company watching you with puppy eyes and a drooling face. 

Don’t leave your meal unoccupied even for a second; otherwise, you might lose it. 

funny photo about eating food before and after getting a dog
Source: Facebook

#4 I’m Carrying Your Love With Me 

Fur and paw prints… EVERYWHERE!

Once you get a dog, you have to get used to cleaning up more frequently due to shedding and occasional accidents, but hey… that’s love, right? 

funny photo of life before and after a dog, topic of shedding and dirt
Source: Facebook

#5 What’s Yours Is Mine 

Things get chewed and destroyed… 

funny illustration showing a dog making a mess
Source: Facebook

#6 No Amount Of Money Can Buy Happiness 

When you get a dog, you also get a new set of responsibilities. You’ll have less money, but you’ll certainly be happier. 

So, worth it. 

funny illustration showing spending habits before and after getting a dog
Source: Facebook

#7 You Left It On The Floor For Me! 

They break easily anyway…

funny illustration shows how dogs chew the cables
Source: Facebook

#8 Life Is Healthier With Dogs 

After you get a dog, you need to ensure his well-being by providing him with lots of exercise, going for walks, and outside activities. 

But, it will also get you off the couch, which is good for your health as well. 

illustration shows healthier life habits after getting a dog
Source: Facebook

#9 Parents And Pets Love Story 

They always say ‘no’ in the beginning, and then they love your dog more than you…

funny illustration shows the change in parents after getting a pet
Source: Facebook

#10 “We Must Follow You Everywhere” 

They offer companionship in all kinds of situations… One thing is for sure – you’ll never feel alone. 

funny illustration shows how pets follow their owners everywhere
Source: Facebook

#11 Desperate Times Call For Desperate Measures

And, they always seem to find the most expensive shoes to chew on… 

funny illustration shows how dog owners have to put their shoes far away from dogs
Source: Facebook

#12 Furry Alarm Clock 

This is the best alarm clock you’ll ever have. It will wake you up with licking, barking, and love… except there’s no snooze button. 

endearing illustration shows dogs functioning as alarm clocks
Source: Facebook

#13 It’s Shopping Time! 

Once you get a dog, your shopping routine will most likely also change. Spending $ on my clothes… heck no, but hey, look… that dog collar is cute…

illustration shows shopping habits before and after getting a dog
Source: Facebook

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