Loyal Dog Doesn’t Want To Leave His Man’s Side And Sticks With Him In A Hospital


Doggos might not have the ability to talk, but their actions speak louder than any words could tell.

These amazing creatures give a whole new meaning to devotion and relationship by showing us what love really looks like.

If the definition of unconditional love is a dog, it would be Magnus – the brave and courageous therapy pooch that stood by his owner’s side during one of the most difficult periods in life.

When his owner ended up in a hospital, Magnus refused to let go. He was with his life buddy the whole time, providing all the love and assistance needed.

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I’ll Be There For You

Brian Benson, Magnus’s hooman, was admitted to the hospital because of the unusual swelling and breathing issues that worried not only him, but the whole family.

In his Instagram post, Brian explained that he had a difficult time dealing with everything that struck him, especially because heart diseases have been common enemies of his family in the past.

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But, fortunately enough, Brian didn’t have to go alone through the stressful three-day stay at the hospital as his four-legged service pal was allowed to be in the room 24/7 with him.

He did exactly what he does best; kept me relaxed and took my mind off the current situation.

Dogs are able to read a human’s body language like experts, which is why they can sense any change in their owners’ mood. [1] 

That is why Magnus did not leave his owner for a second, and he even laid in Brian’s hospital bed, right by his side, to comfort his owner as he knew something was not right.

Magnus the dog cuddles his owner in hospital bed
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This trained, six-year-old therapy Lab once again proved how well he takes care of his family by being present not only alongside Brian, but his family as well. 

He understood the assignment of keeping everyone calm and relaxed during such a stressful time not only by acting goofy when needed, but also by providing comfort through hugs and kisses.

Magnus and his owner play games
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Excuse Me, Sir, This Is My Bed Now

A hospital bed, wires, and blood tests are definitely not fun, but Brian still managed to have a good laugh during his stay, thanks to his furry buddy.

While Brian was out of the bed doing a blood test, Magnus decided to seize the opportunity and take the bed for himself.

After he got back, Brian just had to take the phone and film his buddy sleeping like a log with one of his favorite toys.

Jokes aside, Brian was well-aware of the reason why Magnus took his spot while he was out – because he was worried about his owner and missed him.

Magnus sleeps with his toy
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Doggos often take over their owners’ spot because they love them, but the reason behind such behavior might also be separation anxiety.

The latter one sounds like a plausible explanation for Magnus’s action, especially because he often displays clingy behavior, like in this video.

The bond between Magnus and Brian is indeed special, so it’s not a big surprise that he feels lonely whenever his owner is not around.

Finally Home

Magnus and his owner go home from the hospital
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If you’ve ever been to a hospital, you can agree that it’s a rather stressful experience that drains energy not only from you, but from your family and friends.

That’s exactly how Brian and his family felt during his stay, but Magnus did his best to comfort them all and create a positive environment in the hospital room.

However, as soon as they arrived home, Magnus took some time to recharge his batteries, as he passed out on what seems to be his dog bed. He was beyond happy to be home.

It was finally time for him to take a rest and be cared for.

Show Must Go On

Not everything in life goes as we initially planned.

Luckily, even the smallest distractions in life can sometimes help us deal with hardship. And in this case —Magnus was in charge of them! In a way, he’s helped Brian overcome what appeared to be the hardest period in his life.

Brian admitted in his post about the hospital stay, and that it was difficult for him to accept being diagnosed with cardiomyopathy, especially because he had led a healthy life for more than three decades in order to lower the risks of heart diseases:

The painful reality is that sometimes, you just can’t beat your genetics no matter how hard you work. It’s almost like trying to swim upstream; maximum effort with minimal or limited results.

But, with the help of his loving family, friends, and his personal dog hero, Magnus, Brian has moved on with his life, which is filled with lots of love, support, and good laughs (most of which are Magnus’s “fault”).

Magnus and his owner rest at home
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Although Brian already had a great bond with his therapy doggo, after the hospital, Magnus turned into his personal bodyguard that protects him even during a shower.

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There are plenty of videos of this hilarious duo and the rest of their family on Magnus’s Instagram profile. Let me warn you in time – you’ll probably end up crying out of laughter!

We have to admit one thing – Magnus brought smiles to the faces of the whole PupVine team, too!

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