Disabled Puppy, Dexter, Walks Proudly On His Two Legs


It always breaks my heart to see disabled dogs unable to walk on all four, using tiny wheelchairs or simply dragging their legs behind them. Despite their disabilities, those dogs are still very much loved and appreciated by their hoomans.

So what if they don’t look like other dogs? That doesn’t mean they’re less worthy. 

One of the disabled dogs that won’t make you sad, but will amaze you instead is Dexter. 

Even though he was born as a normal Brittany Spaniel, Dexter’s life took some unexpected turns. One misfortunate event changed everything, but it didn’t break Dexter’s will to survive.

This is a story about a dog that walks tall on his two legs and proves to us all that nothing is impossible.

A Day That Changed Everything

woman hugging her dog standing on two legs
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When the Pasek family bought Dexter, he was a happy-go-lucky Brittany Spaniel puppy, boasting energy and love. The family was thrilled to have another dog in their life, especially the kids, since their senior dog passed away that year. 

The small town of Ouray, Colorado, welcomed Dexter. Everyone loved his incredible spirit. Everyone wanted to be his friend. 

A year almost went by when something terrible happened. Dexter was almost one. While technically an adult, he was still acting like a playful puppy. Little did Dexter know that not every scent he picks up needs to be followed. 

Dexter clearly knew that the life outside his yard wasn’t safe for a young pupper, especially not an alone pupper. But, his instincts were stronger.

Dexter picked up a strange scent and he followed it until he ended up on the street. A few moments later, he was lying on the ground, hit by a speeding van. The whole world collapsed within seconds. It seemed like that was Dexter’s last adventure. 

About a mile away from his home, Dexter was lying in the dirt with his two front legs badly injured. The poor pup was in terrible pain, losing hope, and hoping that his family would find him. 

Luckily, his daddy, Tim, found him and the family rushed him to the vet, which was an hour away. Every moment was precious to save Dexter’s life.

When they arrived at the vet, it was obvious that Dexter’s injuries were severe. 

“The vet acted quickly, and soon determined that we’d need to amputate his right front paw, but that the left could be saved, though it wouldn’t be entirely functional. I knew we’d do everything possible to save Dexter”, said mommy Kentee.

A Magnificent Recovery

dog with wheelchair standing on the lawn
Source: CBS News

Dexter spent three days in operation, fighting like a true hero for his life. Fortunately, veterinarians were optimistic despite the degree of Dexter’s injuries. It will take lots of time to rehabilitate him. It won’t be easy, but Dexter was destined to make it.

“For a year, Dexter had to wear a cone, and we had a specially commissioned wheelchair made that fitted around his stomach, with wheels at the front, so he could get around on three legs”, explained Kentee.

But, the wheelchair wasn’t really Dexter’s cup of tea. He didn’t like it at all, and preferred to lie on the ground without it. Every morning, his mom would carry him down the stairs and leave him in the garden to enjoy the fresh air.

Dexter was still a puppy, full of energy, sometimes even frustrated because he couldn’t be like his friends. But, Dexter was a smart boi. He figured out an end to his misery.

One morning, when mommy left Dexter at the bottom of the stairs to grab her coffee, Dexter climbed up the stairs on his two legs. 

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“When I returned a few seconds later, Dexter was at the top of the steps. I looked around, dumbfounded. How had he gotten there? I put him at the bottom again and waited. Within moments, he jumped up on his two back legs, and hopped up the steps like he’d been doing it his whole life. I couldn’t believe it.”

Dexter hasn’t stopped walking on his hind legs ever since. 

The Life After The Accident

dog walking on two legs on the road
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Although his vets were worried about him using only his hind legs and putting too much pressure on his hips and joints, Dexter proved to them they shouldn’t be worried at all. He never used the wheelchair again.

Dexter acts like a normal dog. His left paw still has some function left, so he uses it for balance when he’s exploring. But, when he wants to speed up, Dexter just hops back on his back legs and walks the walk.

Watch him move around the house like a pro!

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Dexter is a real influencer to many people and even dogs. The unfortunate pup proved that there was still luck for him in this world. He can’t be stopped! Dexter just keeps on moving, and his impairment doesn’t slow him down at all.

Dexter’s will to survive is one of the most incredible things seen these days. Taking into consideration the level of his injuries, Dexter could’ve easily not made it. But, we all strongly believe it was his bouncy personality and pure heart that pushed the limits. 

Dexter loves to serve as an inspiration by using his Instagram account to boost morale. The pup has 177k followers on this social media, but people from all around the world know his story. There’s even a book in writing about this brave Brittany Spaniel.

Until we get our paws on Dexter’s story, all we can do is follow him on Insta and enjoy his day-to-day adventures as a normal dog with an unusual twist.