Dog Found In A Police Raid Gets His Miraculous Recovery


There’s one harsh reality in our world, and that’s that a lot of dogs end up with very bad owners who neglect them to the point of near starvation.

Holden was one such dog, found in a police raid in Atlanta, Georgia in a miserable state.

A Big Problem Attached To A Little Guy

X-ray of the 7-pound tumor Holden was diagnosed with.
X-ray of the 7-pound tumor Holden was diagnosed with. Credit: Youtube

Described as being old as dirt and taken to a kill shelter, it didn’t look good for the little guy, especially after doctors uncovered a massive 7 pound tumor on his spleen.

The outlook wasn’t favoring Holden to even survive the surgery, let alone anything after it.

A Small Miracle And A Will To Live

holden after the surgery
Holden after the surgery. Credit: Youtube

Thankfully, the surgery went by just fine and the tumor, alongside the spleen, was removed. The tumor itself turned out to be benign.

Apart from the initial recovery, it didn’t affect Holden negatively and actually saw him perk up once he got back on his feet.

He was a lot happier and more active, and, once he made a full recovery, he was taken in by a foster pet parent named Melissa from Releashed Atlanta.

Prep For His New Home

Holden returning a healthy weight after surgery
Holden got back to a healthy weight after 3 weeks of care. Credit: Youtube

She, together with her family, work together to get dogs ready for adoption by making sure they’re clean and healthy, and Holden was no exception.

They helped him adjust to human contact again as well as provide the ability to hang around other dogs, re-socializing him into society once more.

Outside of that, they made sure he was nicely cleaned up and groomed, and that all his dietary needs were met.

Melissa’s family ensured that he got back up to a healthy weight and that he didn’t want for anything.

Once he got back up on his feet properly, it was time to find him a new home where he could get more attention than in Melissa’s considering the sheer number of doggos she cares for.

Holden’s New Pet Parent!

holden with his new owner, carole
Holden with his new owner, Carole. Credit: Youtube

Given how well known Holden’s story was, it didn’t take long for a prospective new owner to show up.

Carole and Holden immediately took a liking to one another, and, after a bit of time, the paperwork was sorted and he was allowed to go home with her.

She was the ideal partner as she was a big dog lover already. Plus, her Lab mix, Elway, would make a good friend for dear Holden which turned out to be completely true.

From “Old As Dirt” To A Glowing Good Boi

Holden enjoying the company of his new brother and his pet mom
Holden enjoying the company of his new brother and his pet mom. Credit: Youtube

Holden’s story is definitely a good example of rags to riches, a stroke of luck that saved his life in more ways than one.

It was all thanks to his incredible will to live and the many people who’ve helped him out: the vets, Carole, and the people from Releash Atlanta.

Holden’s getting ready for bed.
Holden’s getting ready for bed. Credit: Youtube

However, there are many dogs out there in Atlanta, Georgia and the world in general who aren’t so lucky or who are waiting on the right owner to show up.

That’s why adopting from shelters should always be considered an option when looking for a new pooch.

Who knows, you may just end up saving another canine life.

Until next time, pet parents.