Homeless Dogs Protect Blind Elderly Woman Lying By The River


There are very few pets in this world that could be referred to as being “loyal” like dogs. 

These four-legged furballs are one of the most amazing creatures in the world, as they’re not only smart, adaptable, and all lovey-dovey – but truly and irretrievably loyal to the ones they love!

The photo of two dogs standing by a woman’s side while she was sleeping by the river was taken by a local passenger, Ake Srisuwan, in Nepal, and it soon went viral. 

This heart-wrenching moment melted the hearts of thousands all over the world, proving once again that dogs don’t leave the side of their companions.

The Moment Of The Utmost Loyalty

a homeless dog protects a girl lying by the river
source: Veterinary

Even though there’s not much context around these photos, the moments captured serve as a testament of a dog’s utmost loyalty to its hoomans. 

The woman, who was said to be blind, was sleeping on the riverbank all covered in mud and water. Two dogs, of which one was right next to her and the other one was several meters further from them, were caught guarding the woman and making sure she was fine. 

homeless dogs sit next to a girl lying by the river
source: Animal Channel

This emotional moment of true friendship and a dog’s loyalty was captured by a local man named Ake, who was passing by, and couldn’t help but notice such a wonderful gesture.

Even though the dogs were homeless themselves, it didn’t stop them from exhibiting all the greatness for which these creatures are widely known.

Both The Dogs And The Woman Received Help

homeless dogs follow a woman
source: Animal Channel

Thanks to the photo that went viral in a short period of time, local authorities later found her and her heroic dogs, and took care of them. Both the dogs and the woman received immediate hospital care and treatment.

The story was reported by many local and world media outlets, putting into the spotlight the unbreakable bond between dogs and humans once again! 

The Problem Of Stray Dogs In Nepal

sad homeless dogs
source: Online Khabar

Unfortunately, the problem of stray dogs in Nepal is still on the rise. According to Online Khabar, Nepal has thousands of abandoned canines on the streets, including around 30,000 dogs in Kathmandu alone.

Currently, there is not a single strategy to deal with this problem, which is why almost ninety-nine percent of the dogs end up in really poor condition. 

Despite their kind, affectionate nature and resilience, these doggos usually die due to malnourishment and a plethora of diseases caused by unsanitary conditions. 

We sincerely hope that an initiative will soon be taken so these adorable dogs can finally be provided with a shelter, from where they might further go to a furever home. That is the minimum of what they truly deserve!