A Photo Of German Shepherd Brothers Snuggling Together Helps Them Find Home


When life gets tough, I hope that all of you have that one friend or family member to turn to for support. 

Dogs are social beings, just like us humans, and they require the support and companionship of their pack to get through difficult times. And, yes, they, too, have emotions and can feel down and sad. 

Apollo and Adonis are two beautiful German Shepherd brothers that did not have an easy life. People abandoned them, betrayed their love and trust, and left them to fend for themselves and die. 

two german shepherds are sitting next to each other
Source: Facebook

With no one in this world to trust, they had no other choice but to turn to each other. Through thick and thin, they bonded so much that they couldn’t live without each other. 

Their previous owners surrendered them to a high-kill shelter, where they were extremely terrified and shaking from fear. 

They could both smell and sense that death was coming, and they were petrified. 

Apollo was always the leader between the two, and his brother, Adonis, simply couldn’t live without him, to the point where he has anxiety when he is not with his brother. 

Scared of what was going to happen to them, these two sweet boys started to snuggle together in order to comfort each other. 

two german shepherds hugging each other on the tiles
Source: Facebook

Someone at the shelter snapped a photo of this heartwarming moment, hoping they would be able to find a family for the brothers. 

A bonded pair of dogs is always much harder to adopt, and when they are in a high-kill shelter, sadly, their days are numbered, so every second counts. 

The adorable photo of these two sweet brothers somehow reached a no-kill rescue group in Long Island, called A-Team ELITE Rescue Dogs

According to their page, this is a non-profit rescue based out of New York that specializes in German Shepherds. They pull abused and neglected dogs from high-kill shelters and provide them with necessary medical care. 

Once they arrived at the shelter, they were treated for heartworms, neutered, and vaccinated. 

With everything done and being completely healthy, they were ready to be adopted. 

two german shepherds are sitting next to each other on the couch
Source: Facebook

Thanks to the adorable picture of them hugging each other, which went viral, they had a lot of applications. 

But, unfortunately, luck did not favor them at all in their life. A couple of months after adoption, these two sweet boys were returned to the shelter.

They are beautiful boys, but due to everything they’ve been through, it takes time for them to trust again. They just wanted to be with people they could fully trust and feel safe with. 

In the end, the picture that fully captured their emotion and hearts helped find them their furever home. They were both adopted and got to enjoy the rest of their life together. 

two german shepherds side by side
Source: Facebook