Hero German Shepherd Pulls Woman Out Of A Crashed Car And Saves Her Life


We often overlook their power, but the truth is dogs can be real superheroes. In fact, the story of Hero, the stray dog who got his name after saving a woman from a crashed car, proves that not only do trained dogs have a rescuing instinct.

Even though Hero did not have a day of professional training, he somehow managed to anticipate the danger Shannon was in and dragged her out of the car to the edge of the road. 

Shannon was successfully saved after being treated from intracranial hemorrhage after the car accident, but everything is thanks to Hero who found and helped her in the first place. 

Here’s their story!

Shannon Was Unconscious In The Woods When Hero Found Her

beautiful german shepherd sitting outdoor
Photo from: youtube.com

Shannon, the woman from South Georgia, was driving down Dunn road as her car fishtailed and crashed into the woods. She was tossed into the passenger seat right before her car hit the trees. 

When it stopped, she was half- in and half out, being unconscious, and laying on the trunk. The car was hidden in the trees, more than twenty feet from the road, so no one could actually see her, let alone help her. 

It looked like a lost cause, as Shannon was seriously injured, but then a dog came to the rescue.

She Was Woken Up By Hero Licking Her Face

Shannon was unconscious the whole time, with a few hazy moments being awake. The first time she regained her consciousness, she felt a warm breath over her, followed by a dog licking her face. 

As she was still pretty unaware of what was happening, she couldn’t tell what the dog was actually doing. All she felt was him breathing heavily over her head.

“I felt this huge presence. I could feel his breath. I don’t know him from Adam’s house cat, never seen him, I don’t know if he was making his rounds, if he was headed back to his original owner… But, he’s come across me, and thank God he did.”

At that point, Shannon didn’t know that Hero was a stray dog without an owner, who just happened to be in the right place at the right time.

The Dog Successfully Pulled Her Out Of A Crashed Car

woman hugging tight german shepherd
Photo from: youtube.com

As Shannon again passed out, Hero started pulling her by her shirt and dragging her out of the car. He was persistent in his attempt to help this woman, as she clearly couldn’t help herself.

“He had me by my shirt and by my jacket, and he was tugging and pulling.. He wouldn’t give up. That dog had more thrive for life at that point than I did.”

After some time of pulling and tugging, he managed to get her to the edge of the road. Shannon regained her consciousness again, and then Hero helped her stand up.

At that very moment, a car came by and stopped after seeing Shannon bleeding. She suffered serious head injuries, and she needed to go to the hospital as soon as possible.

The next thing she remembers is being awakened by doctors who told her that she suffered from intracranial brain hemorrhage. Luckily, she successfully recovered and didn’t need surgery. She came home and recovered in her house.

Hero – A Search And Rescue Dog In The Making

woman training german shepherd
Photo from: youtube.com

After saving Shannon’s life, Hero was taken in by the Humane Society of South Georgia. After some time, he was adopted by dog trainer, Mrs. Heidy Drawdy, who trains dogs for search-and-rescue purposes.

She immediately fell in love with Hero, who showed signs of brilliance at their very first meeting. 

“We’re training him for wilderness right now. He’s doing it really, really well. As he found Shannon, he loves to run into the woods and find anybody we place in the woods.”

Heidy says that her ultimate goal is to make Hero an urban search and rescue dog, so he can help in natural disasters, such as earthquakes, and find people below rubble.

When Shannon saw him after the accident, she got very emotional and the whole event flashed back before her eyes. It was right then when she told him: “You’ll always be my hero.” And, Hero, indeed, was made.