22 Police Pups That Want To Look Tough, But They’re Too Adorable To Handle


They’re tough. They’re a danger to all the criminals. They’re protecting and serving us.

They’re police dogs, and every pooch in the neighborhood wants to be one!

Well, only selected specimens can become active K9 officers. 

Sure, almost every breed can be trained into becoming a police dog, but we all know a breed that’s stellar in the force.

Yes, our German Shepherd buddies always make excellent police pooches, probably the best in the world.

Training starts while they’re still smol puppers. It takes time and effort to become a brave police dog, and these 22 pups are still learning, but doing great!

1. He Will Grow Into It

a police dog with a black vest
Source: justsomething.co

The vest may be too big now, but check back in a couple of months. 

2. They Have A Role Model

german shepherds in police vests
Source: Facebook

Apparently, good police work runs in the family.

3. Ready For A Ride Along

a German Shepherd puppy is standing on a car
Source: Reddit.com

I call shotgun!

4. He Will Kill Them With Kindness

german shepherd puppy standing on the car and looking at the camera
Source: Reddit.com

Okay, maybe not with kindness, but his pawdorable looks will stop all law breakers.

5. Ready To Go?

a German shepherd dog on a leash sits next to a police car
Source: Reddit.com

Thieves wait for no one!

6. When Do I Start?

German shepherd puppy with a police belt
Source: Facebook

This is one super-excited GSD puppy. He can’t wait to start chasing criminals.

7. They Already Know What To Do

a German shepherd puppy bites a man's leg
Source: justsomething.co

Seems like these K-9 pups don’t really need training.

8. It’s Scary Out There

a cute puppy in the arms of a policeman
Source: gsdstagram

Are you really sure that I’m your next K-9 pawtner?

9. That Training Was Exhausting

a dog on a man's shoulder
Source: k9_power.it

Hold me, officer. I have no more energy in my paws.

10. My Vest Finally Fits Me

puppy sitting on the sidewalk with a vest
Source: janedunnphotography

Now, I can chase the bad guys!

11. Got It From My Mommy

a dog lies with a puppy on a shaggy mat
Source: janedunnphotography

Being great K-9 pawfficers runs in the family.

12. We Don’t Get A Single Day Off

puppy with a police belt
Source: janedunnphotography

Tell the Chief we won’t work on Fridays.

13. The Official K-9 Equipment Testing Dog

puppy next to police equipment
Source: janedunnphotography

Just making sure it’s safe to use.

14. They Said I Should Join The Police

the puppy jumps over the obstacle
Source: janedunnphotography

… but no one told me how hard the training would be!

15. What Was That Noise?

puppy in the police station in the garden
Source: janedunnphotography

Hello? Don’t leave me alone… I’m still a pup in training… Hello?

16. Grrr… I’m tough!

the dog stands on the pavement and growls
Source: janedunnphotography

They said he should act tough, but this is all he can do.

17. Police Pups In Training Walk Themselves

the puppy walks in the garden
Source: janedunnphotography

That’s how tough they are.

18. Something Smells Fishy

puppy in the garden with downcast eyes
Source: janedunnphotography

and my instincts tell me it’s not my morning breath.

19. Am I A Police Dog Now?

puppy with a cap on his head
Source: janedunnphotography

Is my training finally over?

20. Just Checking Your Equipment

the puppy nibbles on the bag on the sidewalk
Source: janedunnphotography

Yep, seems like you’ve got everything ready for our night pawtrol.

21. They Didn’t Tell Us…

the dog jumps over the wall
Source: janedunnphotography

… that we learn to fly in K-9 school.

22. No One Will Tell Me…

cute police puppy
Source: janedunnphotography

that I’m too small to join the police!