Puppy With Crippled Legs Walks Tall Again Powered By Love


It’s one thing to find an abandoned dog on the streets that appears to be fine, and it’s completely another to find a puppy with a visible disability. 

My heart breaks both ways, but I can’t lie and say I don’t shed extra tears for disabled pups. They always need one more helping hand. They always need more care, more… everything!

The case of a puppy with crippled legs left my face washed in tears. I couldn’t help myself and I know you wouldn’t be able to resist the urge to cry, too.

Forgotten. Abandoned. Freezing in the snow and cold. Unable to walk properly, hide himself from the weather, or even find food! 

This poor pup was it all. 

If fortune didn’t smile upon him, God only knows where he’d be today. Chances are, he wouldn’t be on this side of the rainbow bridge.

This is a story of love, its power, and how one tiny pup healed, thanks to good people, their care, and the incredible energy they had.

Walking To A Better Life

little puppy on snow
Source: youtube.com

A pup named Yamur was rescued, thanks to animal lovers, and they rushed straight back to their animal hospital. 

Yamur was clearly malnourished. We have no idea how long he was out on the streets starving… begging for a crumb of bread that would satisfy his grumbling tummy. 

The poor pup was lacking everything, especially calcium. Because of this deficiency, both of Yamur’s front legs were crippled. He was walking on his joints, completely bending his paws. It appeared as if he was walking on high heels.

puppy in night
Source: youtube.com

You can only imagine the pain he was in. Still, he fought like a champ, and those crippled legs didn’t stop him from moving around in snow and on freezing-cold ground.

The vets at the hospital did a series of tests on Yamur, including an X-ray. Treatment was immediate. They put little casts on both of his legs to make them straight again.

Within just one week from the rescue, Yamur was already feeling much better. Not only was he putting on weight, but the once crippled pup started to walk!

puppy with injured legs
Source: youtube.com

Although his first steps as a new pup looked like he was Bambi on ice, Yamur didn’t lose his tough spirit. Those wobbly steps didn’t discourage him.