Abandoned Puppy Tied To A Gate Of The Market Goes To A Lovely Home


The video of a puppy tied to the gate of the market in Slonim, Belarus, recently posted by Dublin Shelter, saddened thousands of people all over the world! 

A young puppy named Blue was abandoned by his former owner in the market, but nobody was interested in picking him up.

Blue refused to eat the food the people would give him, as he was extremely depressed due to losing his loving home. He really seemed like a lost cause, all lost and confused, but then the most amazing thing happened!

Giant-Hearted Woman And Her Loving Shelter Were Enough

black puppy lying beside a gate
Source:  Dublin Shelter

A woman named Oksana Savchuk, who voluntarily runs a shelter for abandoned animals in Slonim, Belarus, decided to extend a friendly hand to poor Blue. 

Even though the puppy was reluctant to leave the spot, hoping for his previous owner to pick him up again, Oksana somehow managed to get him in the car and take him home.

cute black puppy in woman's arms
Source: Dublin Shelter

At first, Blue was a really shy and reserved puppy that didn’t do much. 

He was barely interacting with Oksana and her family members, but she was patient. She knew that he needed some time to adapt to the new environment, and given that her home was full of other pets, she gave Blue plenty of space to settle in.

This big-hearted woman runs a home shelter for more than one-hundred animals, including dogs, cats, and lambs. Helping abandoned and disabled dogs is her life mission and she has already helped hundreds of dogs find their furever home!

woman with dogs standing outdoors
Source: Dzen

Oksana has dedicated her life to saving animals from the street. Despite the fact that the job takes a lot of sleepless nights and lots of sweat and tears, she’s just happy to do it! And, Blue – he was lucky enough to cross paths with Oksana!

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It Only Took 3 Weeks For Blue To Start Feeling Better

After only a week, Blue already started feeling relaxed in the new environment. He ate much better and started interacting with other dogs, which was a big plus, as Oksana didn’t expect him to adapt so soon.

Two weeks later, he was basically a brand new boy who went all doggo and started playing with his housemates! That was the obvious sign for Oksana to put him up for adoption, as Blue was finally ready to meet his new pawrents!

It didn’t take long for Blue’s story to touch the hearts of his new owners! He was adopted by the most wonderful family three weeks after being saved. The family prepared him a warm welcome and set up a small doggo kingdom for Blue to feel comfortable!

black puppy playing with a kid indoors
Source: Dublin Shelter 

He’s now a happy boy that loves playing with his new sister! He still has a long way to go and lots of tricks to learn, but he’s on a good track!

adorable black puppy sitting in the grass
Source: Dublin Shelter

The most important thing is that after all this time, Blue finally has a safe space to hold onto! 

You can keep up with Oksana’s inspiring stories on her official Instagram page and her website!