Finn, The Retired Police K9, Is Now A Real Magician


We all know German Shepherds are smart dogs that can multitask a lot, but have you heard about Finn, the GSD magician? 

The retired GSD K9, Finn, and his owner, ex police officer, Dave, decided to get back on the stage of Britain’s Got Talent once again. That turned out to be an amazing idea, as this time, Finn had some new tricks in his paws!

The Story Of Finn, The Retired K9

photo of finn, the retired k9
Source: YouTube

Finn was an active police dog until 2016, when he was stabbed and severely injured during the chase of a robber in Stevenage. 

He was stabbed in the head and chest multiple times while he was trying to prevent the robber from getting away. His owner, Dave, was injured, too.

From that moment on, Finn retired from his police duties, but he never actually stopped being curious, obedient, and an intuitive good boy.

His passion for mental games and great trainability led him right on the stage of Britain’s Got Talent in 2019, where he and his police handler, Dave, dazzled the judges and showed some stunning magic tricks.

The Card Trick

Finn doing the card trick
Source: YouTube

The first trick he performed was a card trick. Dave asked the judge, David, to pick any card from the deck and cover it with his hand. It turned out to be the seven of spades. But, here’s where it gets tricky!

Right before the performance, Finn already anticipated that David was gonna pick that exact card, so when Dave asked him to point at one card out of the deck that he scattered on the floor of the back stage – he picked the seven of spades!

Yes, this was a “simple magic trick”, but from the reaction of the judges, you just know he made a pass at that very point!

Finn Is A True Mind Reader

portrait of Finn the k9 GSD
Source: YouTube

In the next part of their performance, Dave asked Alisha to pick a random photo from his scrapbook. The scrapbook was made of photos of him and Finn having a great time at various places. Alisha’s choice was the picture of Dave and Finn having fun at the beach.

At the same time, Amanda was in charge of picking a handful of Finn’s favorite biscuits from the box. Each of them had a word written on it. Alisha picked the one with the word incredible.

The Plot Twist

finn doing tricks on a talent show
Source: YouTube

Not only did Finn guess right, but he and Dave knew the outcome in advance! The whole time, there was Finn’s ball in front of Simon that had the answer written in it! Here’s what Finn’s note from inside the ball said:

“My best friend, Dave, doesn’t know what the coming months will bring, but I do. You see, I knew all along. 

Tonight, I even knew that Alisha would choose a picture of our favorite place… the visit to the beach, and Amanda would choose the word ‘incredible’ to best describe our journey throughout BGT adventures.”

Needless to say, this plot twist was awarded with a standing ovation, both from the judges and the audience. This was one of Finn’s greatest performances so far, and yes, it was for a reason!