A Smiling Pitbull Rescue Finally Has A Loving Home


Only a brave doggo can still find a place in his heart for hoomans after being abandoned by its family members – the people who betrayed his trust and unconditional love.

Donny, the Pittie, is one such courageous pooch that managed to overcome the pain and sadness of being left alone at a courtyard without food, water, and love from his owner.

Fortunately enough, a good person found him and brought him to Brooklyn’s Animal Care Center (ACC) where he stole the hearts of both staff and other animals.

Fear Of The Unknown

Donny’s sixty two pounds haven’t helped him at all with the fear and nervousness that he felt when he first entered the ACC’s premises. This isn’t a surprise as he probably wasn’t used to so many unknown faces of hoomans and other dogs.

Photo of a scared donny
Source: Instagram

However, it didn’t take long for this pooch to show his true self, and everyone at the center loved it.

A face full of fear turned into a lovely face full of smiles for all the people that happened to be at the center during Donny’s stay.

A Goofy Fido That Loves To Cuddle

Manisha Shah is a volunteer from the center who loves to spend time with Donny, but she’s definitely not the only one. She described her experience with Donny in an Instagram post by saying:

When I started petting this big mush-ball, he softly stood up and leaned in while thanking me with lots of kisses. […]After our interaction, he walked down the street with a little prance, like all the love and attention gave him a big, happy boost.

Unfortunately, Pit Bulls are usually considered dangerous and aggressive towards people. [1]

But, Donny is one of the examples that prove this theory wrong with his bright personality and happy face.

photo of donny at the shelter
Source: Instagram

Manisha described to The Dodo that a great number of large canines “[…] don’t realize their own size, or that most people are probably afraid of them!

Donny doesn’t seem to be aware of his sixty pounds, as he behaves like a playful puppy that can’t get enough pets and hugs.

He loves to cuddle all the time, which can be seen in this video, and he pays back every pet with a generous kiss.

Donny kisses the girl who pet him
Source: Instagram

Donny’s all smiles as soon as he sees a hooman walking by, as if he’s saying, “Please, take me with you… I’ll be a good boy!”

Creating A New History

As Manisha wrote in the Instagram post mentioned above, there is no available information on this adorable Pittie’s history, but according to his state, it’s visible that he has been a family pet that was trained and well cared for until he was abandoned.

adorable photo of donny the pittie
Source: Instagram

One of the first indicators that Donny was a trained canine was the fact that he didn’t show resistance to a leash during walks, and he was quite obedient while wearing it.

Also, he was able to follow certain basic commands like “sit”, although sometimes they had to repeat the command multiple times until he completed it.

But, speculations aside, this doggie is ready to create a new history with a family that will open the doors of their home to a fun and loving pup and provide him with love and affection throughout the rest of his life.

Donny the pittie smiles at a human
Source: Instagram

Donny Found A Foster Mom

We were beyond happy to find out that Donny has been placed in a temporary home until adoption!

Although this isn’t his final destination, we’re sure he’s having a great time with his foster mom.

A woman who goes by the name, Natalya Voynova, on Instagram, left several comments under the post about Donny and contacted the center to fill out the application to foster him.

She revealed that Donny was at her place in one of her comments:

ACC transported Donny right to my door and it was love at first sight. I’ll be fostering him until someone special adopts this gem 💎. I would adopt him in a heartbeat, but I know that fostering saves lives, and there is another fur baby out there that I will be fostering, and so on!

I believe people like Natalya are true gems for this world, and although Donny still hasn’t found a forever home, I am sure he’s happy to be with such a good person like she is.

Unfortunately, Pit Bulls are far more often perceived as aggressive and bad doggies, which is why they often stay up to three times longer in shelters than other canine breeds. [2]

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photo of a sad dog at the shelter
Source: BARKPost

However, Donny’s foster mom seemed to recognize his cheerful personality and his ability to love and be loved by his hooman.

We most assuredly believe that Donny and all other lovely doggies from the ACC will find their forever home soon enough, and that they will never have to go back to the streets again.


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