Narwhal Is A Unicorn Puppy And Here’s Why


I know what you might think: Oh, wow… a unicorn tail! I wonder if it’s sparkly and shiny?

Hold on for a second. I’m not talking about magical unicorns from cartoons. Although that would be cool, Narwhal isn’t anything like those magical creatures.

But, he does have some magic inside him.

This pup has two tails, and they’re not on the same end. One look at him and you’ll fall madly in love!

The Magical Rescue

little puppy being examined after being rescued
Source: boredpanda

You’ve probably heard the story of Strawberry, the unicorn Pitbull. She had a growth on her forehead as a result of trauma.

Narwhal is very similar to Strawberry, but the growth on his forehead isn’t that prominent. 

It was a cold, rainy day in Jackson, Missouri, when Narwhal was found near the Mac’s Mission rescue center. He was seeking comfort and shelter along with an older dog, completely abandoned by their humans. 

Narwhal had to be rescued. God only knows how long he’d survive without food and warmth. 

Luckily, the rescuers spotted this pawdorable ball of fluff and took him inside. 

But, they didn’t know they were in for a real treat. 

Narwhal wasn’t like other puppies. Sure, he was utterly sweet with those huge puppy eyes and silky-soft coat, but something else was magical about him.

This pup had a little tail on his forehead, right between his eyes!

puppy with a unicorn tail on his forehead
Source: boredpanda

The rescuers first thought it was a tuft of hair. However, a closer look brought them to the conclusion that it’s really a small tail. Who’d have known?

The vet examined Narwhal and it seemed like the puppy was in good shape. His little front tail had no function. 

People online went nuts about Narwhal after the rescue center posted his photo on their site. They were all wondering if that tail moved, too.

“It appears they assembled the puppy wrong. Always follow the directions, people!”said Dr. Heuring, the vet at Mac’s Mission center.

puppy with a unicorn tail sleeping on the bed
Source: boredpanda

Doctor Margaret Casa, from the University of Pennsylvania School of Veterinary Medicine, explained why Narwhal was born with a tail between his eyes: 

“Regular identical twins form when an embryo splits in half very soon after fertilization. Sometimes, this split happens too late in a pregnancy and the halves don’t fully separate, leading to conjoined twins. Even more rarely, the late split is asymmetrical, meaning one side of the embryo grows into a fully formed individual and the other becomes an extra body part.”

They all decided it would be best not to remove the tail. If time shows that the tail bothers Narwhal, the easiest thing to do would be to remove it. 

Three Years Later

dog with a unicorn tail in the garden
Photo from: @macthepitbull

Narwhal and his older buddy were rescued back in 2019. The pup was in terrific shape and was destined to find a furever home soon.

But, life had other plans for Narwhal.

The good people at Mac’s Mission decided that Narwhal should stay with them. 

The unicorn pup was named the spokesdog of Mac’s Mission rescue organization. 

But, even then, life for Narwhal wasn’t easy. 

When his photos went viral, some people tried to reach the shelter and kill Narwhal because they thought he was a monstrous being. 


Narwhal proved to them all that he’s the sweetest boy ever! 

brown dog with a unicorn tail looking into camera
Photo from: @macthepitbull

Today, Narwhal finally lives a normal, happy life. Rochelle Steffen, the founder of Mac’s Mission, adopted the pup officially, but he spends more time at the center anyway. He enjoys events run by Mac’s Mission. He loves meeting new people and spreading love. 

Narwhal loves life! 

He sends us all an important message: different is good