Restaurant Owner Prepares Free Meals For All Stray Dogs


What would you do if a stray dog came up to you asking for food? You would help, of course, if there’s even a sprinkle of kindness inside you. That’s exactly what the hero of our story did… and even more!

Five years ago, a dog showed up at Gerardo Ortiz’s restaurant looking for food and the rest became history. Ever since that evening, Gerardo prepares meals for stray dogs who come around.

One hungry dog started up a tradition worth melting over.

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Source: Restaurante – ajilalo

That dog came the next night. And, the next one, then the next one… and Ortiz made a free meal every time. And, with such pleasure! One hungry dog was sleeping with a full belly after many nights spent listening to stomach growling.

Restaurant Owner Prepares Free Meals
Source: Restaurante – ajilalo

The word on the street moves fast, and soon, every pup from the neighborhood knew about Ortiz’s generosity. They all began visiting the restaurant to check if the rumors were true. Boy, they were!

Restaurant Owner Prepares Free Meals 1
Source: Restaurante – ajilalo

Nowadays, Oritiz has many regular customers, but more and more are coming every day. He fills their bellies with food and their hearts with much-needed love.

Restaurant Owner Prepares Free Meals 2
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What’s even more special about this story is that Ortiz inspired his human customers to help out the dogs, too. The people visiting this restaurant seem not to mind the dogs being outside or giving them extra food off their plates either.

Restaurant Owner Prepares Free Meals 3
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The price for these meals? A happy face and wagging tails.

Restaurant Owner Prepares Free Meals 4
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But, what makes Ortiz do all these good deeds other than being a genuinely nice guy? It’s the way he was raised. His mother always told him to help others, both humans and animals. She’s still an everlasting inspiration for Gerardo.

Restaurant Owner Prepares Free Meals 5
Source: Restaurante – ajilalo

The generosity of this man does more than satisfy these dog’s need for food. It makes them feel important. It also shows that their lives matter!