German Shepherd Survives Almost A Month In A Pen After The Loss Of His Owner


There’s no one who looks up more to a human than his own dog! And, when the inevitable happens, it is really hard to say goodbye. We can’t even imagine the amount of pain German Shepherd, Gunner, felt when he lost his 64-year-old owner, Luther.

This poor doggo was found in Luther’s backyard, locked in an outdoor pen for as long as a month when the Oklahoma Sheriff’s Office had found him. 

Gunner was extremely weak, he only drank rainwater and ate some food scraps left in the pen to survive. It is safe to say that this German Shepherd was really on the brink of death that day!

Gunner Was Already On The Edge When The Sheriff’s Office Discovered Him

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Source: Fox 25

When the Sheriff’s Office discovered the remains of his late owner, Gunner was just too weak to stand up! He was lying in despair, mourning over the death of his loving hooman. 

On top of all that, Gunner was severely malnourished as he, according to the Office, spent almost a month trapped in a pen without proper food and water.

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Source:  Fox 25

Luther’s family said that he was “a man who called when he called.” Unfortunately, he lived far away from the rest of the family and they hadn’t heard from him in a long time. When they heard the horrible news, they were truly devastated!

The Sheriff’s Office contacted the Bella SPCA rescue in Oklahoma City, where Gunner was further transferred. The vet who examined him that very day stated that Gunner was brought just in time, as he was just hours away from dying. 

His muscles had practically wasted away to the point where he could barely pick his head up. He had lumps on his back and fleas and ticks all over his body, but he still managed to survive! It was clear that Gunner was a fighter inclined to live, and he has never lost hope!

Due to his poor condition, he was immediately transferred to Woodlake Animal Hospital for recovery.

He Got All The Love In Woodlake Animal Hospital

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Source: Woodlake Animal Hospital

Everything about Gunner was very devastatingly sad and hauntingly inspirational at the same time!

He was a poor dog who lost his loving owner, but despite all the odds, he still wasn’t ready to say the final goodbye to this world! Something deep inside him kept him alive all this time until miraculous help finally arrived.

He soon became everyone’s sweetheart in the hospital, and everybody tried really hard to get him back on his paws! 

Misty Wilson, an R.V.T. from WAH, got really emotional about Gunner: “It’s hard when you take those dogs and they’re broken, and you hope they do great… We have clients who would stop by, they would hug him and give him treats.”

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Source: Woodlake Animal Hospital

Little by little, he started feeling better, according to the hospital staff. He started eating better, and he finally felt strong enough to walk again. 

“We’re doing so much better! We love to walk now, we love being outside, we’re eating really good. He loves chicken and cheese. He takes all his medicine. He’s such a good boy! Just wanna make sure he’s good and healthy, and we wanna make sure he’s calm.”

Gunner Stays In The Family

The Bella SPCA team was so happy to see Gunner live the life with full capacity again! Despite all the hardship he has been through, he was ready to start a new chapter in his life.

When Gunner was finally ready to be adopted by a new family, Luther’s niece, from Texas, contacted the Bella SPCA. She wanted Gunner to stay in Luther’s extended family, as the one thing they knew about Luther was that he really loved his German Shepherds! 

She thanked all the people who took part in rescuing Gunner from starving to death in a really emotional video message:

“I just want to say thank you to everybody who donated to Gunner’s case! Because of you, I’m able to bring my uncle’s dog home.”

Today, Gunner is a brand new German Shepherd who enjoys his Texas home very much! He has already adapted to the family and made new friends, which wasn’t that hard considering his adorable nature.

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Source: Misty Fox-wilson

A Big Thanks To The Local Community

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Source: Daily Mail

The Bella SPCA wanted to thank all the people who took part in this amazing rescue! They were extremely thankful to the Sheriff’s Office, which contacted them in the first place, and also to all the people who donated their money to cover the expenses of Gunner’s treatment.

“Thank you guys so much for all of the support that we’ve received. It has really helped cover a lot of his costs and get him lots of food. We’ve appreciated all the toys that you guys have brought him. He loves them! He absolutely snuggles them every single night!”

Gunner’s happy ending will long serve as a true testament to what humanity can accomplish united! We wish him and his new family a lifetime of happiness!

You can take a look at the full story in the video below!

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