Deaf Pittie Beats All The Odds And Becomes A Therapy Dog


Seeing a therapy dog is always amazing, but when a therapy dog is also a dog with special needs – there are no words to describe the astonishment!

The story of Cole, a deaf therapy Pitbull, is the most amazing thing that you will read today. Even though not everything started great for this shelter boy, he’s today helping thousands of people to accept themselves the way they are and to overcome their fears.

Cole’s Deafness Is A Natural Thing For Him

white deaf dog sitting on a theater stage
Source: @colethedeafdog

Cole has been deaf ever since he was born, which is why not being able to hear anything is a completely natural thing for him. However, this beautiful white Pittie had problems adapting to the world, as he wasn’t able to find his furever home.

But, all that was about to change when Chris, the music teacher from Millville, New Jersey, entered a local shelter and met Cole for the first time…

Chris Adopted Him In 2017

cole the deaf dog on a leash
Source: @colethedeafdog

Chris first met Cole in 2017 at a local shelter. The reason why Cole was instantly noticed by his current owner was because there was a sign that said “special needs” on Cole’s crate.

At the time, Chris had a 9-year-old nephew who was deaf, too, and that’s why this poor Pittie caught his attention even more. He immediately decided to adopt him as he saw something really special in this white boy. 

That’s where Cole’s journey of being a therapy dog begins…

Cole Therapizes Veterans, And Helps Kids And Other Dogs

little girl hugging white dog surrounded by kids
Source: @colethedeafdog

After adopting Cole, Christopher made working with his deaf dog a life mission. He trained him and taught him sign language for the purpose of communication. Consequently, years of constant training has turned Cole into a fantastic therapy dog.

As Chris has been working in an elementary school in Millville, NJ, he decided to give Cole a chance to teach others compassion and inclusion. 

The original idea was to help kids understand that disability is not inability, but strength. And, he indeed succeeded!

Cole became an unavoidable part of the school collective who takes part in advocacy and inclusion therapies. Other than that, he’s a school mascot when needed, and takes part in various school plays.

old man cuddling cole the deaf dog from hospital bed
Source: @colethedeafdog

On the other hand, Cole helps retired veterans, people with disabilities, and even other dogs. He helps them understand that being different is not a weakness, and he serves as a true example that inclusion is possible, even if you’re a deaf dog.

2022 Therapy Hero Dog

cole the deaf dog sitting and wearing scarf with motivation message
Source: American Humane

In 2022, Cole was voted Therapy Hero Dog by the American Hero Humane Dog Association for helping people and dogs who have been overlooked because they were born with disabilities.

He participated in more than 600 hours of voluntary work, which is quite fascinating. Alongside his life companion, Chris, Cole continues his life mission to this day! He’s happy to be accepted and have a furever home, and he’s eager to help others accomplish the same!