Smart German Shepherd Carries Cat Toys For Kitten To Play With


While most dogs like to spend their days chasing their tail and barking at passing squirrels or strangers, Anya, a very smart German Shepherd dog, has decided to pursue a different route. 

She unlocked a world far beyond the realm of ordinary canine pursuit and decided to help her mom around the house. 

But, when the new kitten joined the family, Anya decided that it was her job to make sure that the new furry family member always has someone to play with. 

This is the story of Anya and little Munchie. 

Anya Was Always An Intuitive Dog

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When Lori Knoble, from Cleveland, Ohio, adopted Anya as a little pup, she immediately noticed that Anya was an extremely smart dog. 

Soon, she started imitating the behaviors she witnessed and slowly helped her mom with house chores.

Lori said that Anya would always stick her head in the dryer when she was doing laundry, but one day, she just started taking the laundry out of the dryer and handing it to her. 

Once she mastered doing laundry, Anya also started doing other chores around the house from picking up the things that fell on the floor and fetching a remote controller, to putting the trash in the trash can. 

“Anything I’m doing, she just wants to help out,” said Lori, Anya’s mom. “If I open the dishwasher, she’ll hand me a dish, or if I’m taking out the garbage, she tries to take it out of my hand.”

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Anya learned all that by herself simply by following what her mom was doing.

“I was bringing in groceries one day, she just grabbed a bag and followed me in the house. She just naturally wants to help out,” Lori said. 

Introducing The New Kitten

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One day, Lori and her husband were at the car wash, and he kept telling her that there was a kitten living in the dumpster. 

Sure enough, there was this scared, little kitten hiding under the dumpster. Lori simply couldn’t leave it there, so they decided to rescue her. They named her Munchie.  

At first, they kept the kitten in a crate in the basement because she was pretty scared. 

“There’s a kitty door going into the basement, and Anya would just sit at that kitty door, looking through, just staring at her. She could not wait to meet her.”

They started gradually introducing them to each other, but the two instantly bonded.

Munchie had a shoestring that she loved playing with, so one day, Anya just picked that shoestring and started dragging it around the house and literally playing with the kitten. 

german shepherd dog playing with a kitten in house
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“She is the one that helped Munchie make that adjustment from being downstairs in the basement to being with the family,” Anya’s mom said. 

Anya then started picking up all of Munchie’s toys and playing with her. She instinctively knew that Munchie was afraid and needed some kind of help. 

“I get so emotional when I think about it, but Anya is truly an angel. It’s just moving to see little Munchie with her, and it’s just remarkable to see daily what she does,” Lori told The Dodo. 

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With Anya’s help, Munchie has grown from a little, scared kitten living in the dumpster to a beautiful grown-up cat that is a fully loved and cherished member of the family. 

You can follow Anya and all she does on her Instagram profile: @anyathegsd.