Poor Stray Pooch Becomes A Onewheel Doggo Superstar


How many times have you had a chance to see a doggie riding on an electric onewheel? Probably never if you haven’t seen Greyson, the TikTok star pooch.

Greyson and his owner, James Bondi, took dog walks to a whole new level and got lots of fans because of it.

Who says dogs can’t ride in style?

Stray Puppy’s Rise To Fame

the dog enjoys skateboarding like a superstar
Source: thedodo

Greyson has been through a lot during the first year of his life. This adorable pooch was abandoned on the streets as a tiny puppy, and was only a few months old when a group of rescuers found him and took him to the shelter.

Fortunately, Greyson found his forever home soon after being placed in the shelter. Bondi immediately knew that Greyson was a special doggo and the right choice for him, so it didn’t take them long to become best buddies.

a dog with a man in a car
Source: thedodo

It turns out that Bondi wasn’t wrong about his pet, as Greyson became a real pro on one wheel.

“I don’t think he realizes how amazing he is,” said Bondi in an interview for The Dodo. After the adoption, Greyson soon got used to his owner’s lifestyle, which included lots of walks, hiking, running, and even kayak riding.

Although all of these activities sound amazing, nothing could even compare to a doggie riding an electric onewheel by himself, which is why some of Greyson’s TikTok videos have over three million views. If that’s not viral, I don’t know what is.

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Doggie Bro Becoming A Pro

Bondi’s idea of Greyson did not originally include him becoming a TikTok sensation. Essentially, what he wanted was to include his Pittie into all spheres of his life and daily activities, as the two had become inseparable since day one.

pit bull on a leash
Source: Tiktok

They first rode together, until Bondi realized that Greyson started controlling the wheel, too. Whether he simply imitated his owner or he really knew what he was doing, after letting Greyson ride it alone, he was more than successful.

Bondi was a bit surprised, but considering how much he believed in his pup from the day he got him, he was happy that Greyson was finally able to show his hidden talents.

Little by little, Greyson was becoming better on one wheel, which made his confidence grow as well. After some time, Bondi and Greyson were cruising the streets of Winter Haven, Florida, on their onewheels like professionals.

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Greyson’s owner says that the Pittie loves riding his wheel, but he also attracts attention everywhere he goes.
These two boys share their adventures not only on TikTok, but on Instagram as well; therefore, if you’re interested in seeing more of Greyson on his onewheel, you can check out these profiles.