Doggo That Wasn’t Able To Walk Beats All The Odds In A New Home


In what can only be described as the worst of times, there are only a very few things that pure, selfless love between dogs and humans cannot do. For Doc, a 10-year-old German Shepherd, Mckenzie’s love was a miracle!

This poor boy was left at the local Oklahoma shelter due to his inability to move his hind legs. He was set to be euthanized that very day, but Mckenzie decided today’s not the day he dies!

Saved On The Day Of His Euthanization

a dog that can't walk lies next to the food
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Doc has been surrendered to the shelter as a senior dog with immobile hind legs. His owners decided to euthanize him as he wasn’t able to move by himself anymore, but when a local dog owner, Mckenzie, and her partner, Grant, spotted this poor doggo, they decided to take him in.

Doc was diagnosed with progressed degenerative myelopathy. On their very first vet checkup, they were advised to put this GSD to eternal sleep, as he was in a lot of pain and there were no hopes for his condition to get better.

Mckenzie and Grant wanted to give Doc one more day to remember, so they decided to take him on a picnic.

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They bought him some food and a couple of toys to make his day special. They even tied Doc’s hip with a bandage to help support his weight so he could try and walk a little, and that’s when the most amazing thing happened!

Doc made tiny little leg movements! He was so full of life, determined to live and make a new start! 

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Mckenzie canceled the euthanasia appointment and decided to give Doc another fighting chance! 

“After seeing the spunk & fight to live in him yesterday, we canceled his Lap of Love hospice appointment set for this morning. He proved to us that he is willing and wanting to walk (& now RUN), he can control his bowels and hold his potty until we take him outside,” wrote Mckenzie on her Instagram.

“We Can’t In Good Conscience Put This Dog Down”

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Euthanizing a boy who’s eager to live would be just wrong, and Mckenzie and Grant just couldn’t do it in good conscience. They decided to keep Doc in the family, together with their two other dogs.

They bathed him, got him a comfy doggo bed, and welcomed him into their house! Now, it is official – Doc has a new Oklahoma home!

“Seeing how just 48 hours worth of love, cleanliness, good nutrition, and a warm place to sleep has transformed this guy makes me realize he probably has lived a life full of neglect and pain.”

Unbelievable Transformation

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In less than a year, Doc has transformed into an unrecognizable dog! Not only did he get better, but he actually learned how to walk on his own! At moments, it seems as if his condition is completely gone!

He walks, jumps, and runs just like his two other siblings! Sure, he still wears his special halters to support his hip, but he doesn’t mind! With just a day left on his doggo calendar, that’s some pretty awesome bonus time that he got! And, he doesn’t feel like slowing down!

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“It’s fate that he was brought into our lives. He’s just like part of our family. He’s staying here forever. There’s no way we can let him leave!”

Doc has the time of his life! Once an abandoned, half-paralyzed dog, he now couldn’t be happier!