Woman Rushes To Adopt A Doggo That Looks The Same As Her Beloved Pooch


What are the odds of finding a dog that looks exactly like your beloved pet? If you have ever come across one, would you adopt him?

Danielle Geffel found herself in such a situation when she received a message about an adoptable pup in Maryland that looks the same as her doggo.

As soon as she saw the photo, Geffel knew she had to bring that pooch home.

Twins Born At Different Times

white small dog standing  on a colorful blanket
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Danielle Geffel and her partner from Baltimore, Maryland, were more than happy with their little Petit Basset Griffon Vendéen, named Barkley. They had no plans of getting another pooch until Geffel received an interesting message.

One of her TikTok followers shared a story with Geffel of a doggie that looks absolutely the same as Barkley in the hopes that she would adopt him.

The dog was placed at Maryland SPCA – a shelter that was already full and were practically begging people to adopt adult canines, too.

This only made Geffel’s decision easier, so she contacted her spouse, Mike, to inform him about the adoption of Barkley’s “twin”.

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Charlie, the new pet, had so many similarities with Barkley that it was impossible for these two to not be related in any way. 

Of course, there was no chance of them being twins, considering that Barkley was 13 years old, while Charlie was between two and three.

However, Geffel was convinced that these two pooches were related in some way, as they look the same and even behave in a similar manner. As Geffel told The Dodo:

Apart from them being the exact same weight, they both have shaggy coats of lemon and white, a long body and snout, turned-out front feet, and are constantly grinning and wagging their tails.

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A Dog Of Divorced Parents

Barkley has a great life with his parents, who offered him nothing but love and affection. He was a stray pup found in Atlanta. As Geffel explained in the interview:

He wasn’t microchipped or neutered, knew no commands, and wasn’t house trained, but he was the happiest dog we’d ever met.

But, with lots of work and patience from Geffel’s side, Barkley became a playful, but obedient doggo.

On the other hand, Charley wasn’t found on the street – he was actually handed to the Maryland SPCA by his parents who went through a divorce.

Charlie was in a really bad state. According to the rescue center, he had multiple infections and scabs all over his body. According to the official reports, Charlie was under lock for almost sixteen hours per day, and was completely neglected.

Geffel confirmed this in one of her TikTok videos as well:

Our vet described his ear and skin infections both as chronic, and he said that it’s clear he had them both for a very long time.

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Therefore, although it might not have been easy for Charlie to be abandoned by his previous owners, it seems now that was rather a blessing.

Charlie And Barkley, A Match Made In Heaven

The two doggos hit it off immediately, which made Geffel even happier, as she knew she made the right choice.

One of the first things she noticed was a change in Barkley’s behavior, as he became more playful and energetic since he got his new pal.

Barkley has surprised us in the best way with his desire to run, wrestle, and cause a ruckus with Charlie. Whether they’re horsing around in the yard, tugging on a shared toy, or giving one another a kiss, they’ve become fast friends.

two dogs playing together in the living room
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The two seem to be the perfect combination, and Geffel couldn’t be happier for reacting instinctively and adopting Charlie.

She told The Dodo that she’s planning to test her pooches via Wisdom Panel or Embark, so she can learn more about Charlie’s origin, and also check whether the two pooches are indeed related or not.

But, I’m sure that no matter what the results are, Barkley and Charlie will have a special bond for life, thanks to their mom, Danielle Geffel.