20 Dogs That Do An Incredible Job Every Day At Work


I know someone who’s always so excited to start work on Monday!

Don’t get me wrong, I love my job, but Mondays are just… Mondays… 

Every Monday, I get up from my bed and stumble into the kitchen to make myself a cup of coffee. At the exact same time, I hear my neighbor’s door open and close, and her excited voice. No, she’s not the one excited about Mondays. 

It’s her service dog, Tammy! 

Tammy is one of the happiest dogs ever, and she works at a local children’s hospital as a service dog. She absolutely loves it! 

Besides having a role to fill, Tammy loves the feeling of being useful.

Well, Tammy and the rest of the gang, because, in my small hometown, there are a bunch of service dogs, therapy pooches, and even some K9 pawtners that do an incredible job.

Much like these 20 pups you’re about to see!

1. Moose, The Service Dog, At The Concert

a dog on a leash sits on a meadow and looks at the camera
Source: reddit.com

It was Moose’s first concert and a well deserved relaxation after doing a fine job as a service pooch. 

2. A Special Vest For A Special Dog

A Special Vest For A Special Dog
Source: reddit.com

This service pooch was doing the very best job – that’s why he got a brand new vest. And, guest what? It’s completely customized! 

3. It’s Picture Day

a beautiful picture of a labrador
Source: reddit.com

Here’s a group of fine guard dogs, good bois and gurls, taking a picture together!

4. Ford’s Official Dog

Ford’s Official Dog
Source: crainsdetroit.com

This is Finley… a dog employed at Ford Motor Co. to boost morale. 

5. Bellatrix, The Mini Pin For The Win

Bellatrix, The Mini Pin For The Win
Source: bellatrix_theminpin

She might be a medical alert dog, but Bellatrix would do juuust fine as a farm dog, too! Don’t tell me you don’t see her rockin’ denim overalls!

6. Take Your Dog To Work

the dog is sitting on a chair at work
Source: bringyourdogtoworkday

This pupper loves when it’s his time to rock the shift at a logistics company. Meetings all day? Yay!

7. Digby, The Well-Being Dog

Well-Being Dog
Source: digbydiaries

He makes sure kids are safe at school. And, he doesn’t forget that recess is the most important part of the day. 

8. All Schools Should Have Official Dog Cuddlers

a girl pet her dog at work
Source: lalorsc.arts

Because, you know, school is already so hard!

9. A Very Dashing BarKista

a cute dog sells ice creams
Source: fluffycorgibao

Who wants a latte to go?

10. Something Smells Fishy

the dog sniffs the wrapped packages
Source: tarka_tales

… and that ain’t the feet of the good gurl, Tarka… one fine scent detection dog.

11. The Face Of A Proud Boi

cute smiling black dog sitting and looking at camera
Source: shineradiopetersfield

This is the face of a dog that successfully discovers E.Coli. What a good medical detection dog!

12. Summoning Pawsitivity

dogs with their owners on leashes
Source: my_amazing_rosie

When service dogs accidentally meet, they must summon pawsitivity! 

13. I Present To You…

the dog takes a picture with the certificate
Source: morys_thewelshsheepdog

… Morris, the Pet Detective!

14. Stopping For A Coffee Break

dogs sleep on the laminate
Source: barnakutya

Nothing to see here… Just some medical detection dogs waiting for their daily sip of pawffeine. 

15. Fairy, The Fairest School Dog Ever

The Fairest School Dog Ever
Source: fairy_therapy_greyhound

Why don’t all schools have dogs like Fairy?

16. Employee Of The Month

Employee Of The Month
Source: sfw.construction

He can’t read blueprints. He can’t grab a hammer. But, he can run the entire construction office. Guys, meet Norman! 

17. Service Pup In Training

Service Pup In Training
Source: pets_dogtraining

Rommy is a service pup in training and this is her first time at a supermarket. So far, so good, Rommy!

18. Will Speak Only The Truth

the dog gives a paw to the little girl
Source: justsomething

Good thing there are pups in court that will ease this painful process for the little ones.

19. Deputy Gage For The Win

the dog is sitting next to the computer
Source: justsomething

Hands down, the best report ever!

20. Ladies And Gentlemen, A New Dog Job

cute dog at work
Source: justsomething

This is Biscuit… the new Staff Morale Officer.