This Is Mya, The Charming Pomsky That Looks Just Like A Fox


Dogs come in all shapes and sizes, each with their own charm. Some people prefer the big chubby dogs, others like the small, but playful ones while some prefer something entirely different.

However, today’s focus is one that’s quite unique, a Pomeranian-Husky mixed breed dog named Mya who has a very striking appearance resembling that of a cunning fox.

Her clear and piercing, bluish-gray eyes feel like they’re staring straight into your soul and the well-kept, fiery fur gives her a certain level of elegance and cleanliness.

mya the pomsky who resembles a fox
Those eyes could move even the coldest hearts. Source: Instagram

From the picture alone you can see how she could get confused for a fox, though this one is much more playful and doesn’t sneak into chicken coops for a late night snack.

It’s no wonder that her photos have gone viral in dog lover communities worldwide and have given her account a pretty steady following on social media.

And we agree with all those people, her beauty befits that of a captivating creature of fantasy and it’s hard to tell whether she’s a dog or some heavenly being.

Here are some of the images that we believe fully showcase this unique beauty of hers:


Mya at lake tahoe
Mya feels right at home at Lake Tahoe. Source: Instagram


photo of Mya, the pomsky mix who resembles a fox
Conquering the lake and moving on to new ventures. Source: Instagram


mya the blue-eyed pomsky mix
Even her confused face still seems adorable. Source: Instagram


mya the pomsky mix lying on back
“Draw me like one of your French Poodles” Source: Instagram


mya the pomsky mix
The snow makes her astonishing look stand out even more. Source: Instagram


photo of mya, the dog who looks like a fox
Even the mud doesn’t do much to hinder that pristine appearance. Source: Instagram


mya wearing a cone
Fresh out of the vet, yet she still has her sass. Source: Instagram


Mya at muir beach
Mya seems like a natural next to any body of water. Source: Instagram


portrait of mya the pomsky mix
Even after some play time, she still looks like a canine supermodel. Source: Instagram