German Shepherd Who Was The Only Child Gets A Golden Baby Brother


Having a younger sibling in life is a wonderful thing, but if you remember the first time your parents brought your younger brother or sister home – you probably remember how huge of an adjustment that was!

Being no longer alone with your loving pawrent is certainly the thing that you can’t process in a day – spoken from Max’s experience.

This long-haired German Shepherd boi met his Golden Retriever baby brother for the first time, and even though he was a little bit confused at first, their relationship turned out to be spawctacular!

Max Was Used To Being An Only For So Long

man and his german shepherd dog in the garden
Source: @max.and.murph 

Max and his dad, Brian, were all alone in their Arizona home for years! Needless to say – Max was one big, spoiled furball until Murph came into their lives. Brian made sure to spoil Max to the maximum, and this GSD boy just loved it!

They did everything together! They swam in the pool, went for walks, played in dog parks, went shopping, and met a lot of furriends, but every time Brian had to leave home, Max was sad! 

He couldn’t bear the thought of being without his hooman buddy, so Brian came to the idea of adopting another dog – the one with whom Max wouldn’t be alone, even for one second! And, that’s when Murph came into the house!

Despite All Odds, It Was Love At First Sight

german shepherd dog sniffing golden retriever puppy in a cardboard box
Source: Max and Murph

I can’t say that Max was thrilled the first time he saw Murphy! He was rather confused, thinking: “What’s that golden furrball doing in our house, Burrian!?”

But, in just a couple of short minutes of inspecting his newest member of the household, Max totally came on board with the very idea of having a brother! Murph seemed like a goofy doggo just like him, and he seemed like a lot of fun! And, that’s what Max needed so much!

german shepherd dog playing with golden retriever puppy indoors
Source: Max and Murph

Max welcomed him with a very exciting tail-wagging and a gentle nudging with his nose! Murph reciprocated with his tiny, but decisive barking, and his big, Golden smile!

german shepherd dog and golden retriever puppy playing indoors
Source: Max and Murph

The two bonded in no time, making the friendship pact of a lifetime right there off the bat!

Murphy And Max: Masters Of Goofiness

german shepherd dog and golden retriever dog sitting together outdoors
Source: @max.and.murph 

Today, Max and Murph are the Arizona masters of goofiness! They both just love to goof and play around with their dad! Don’t get me wrong – they’re still good bois – goofiness is just their unique, personal style of rocking!

golden retriever dog in the garden
Source: @max.and.murph

On the other hand, they enjoy swimming and riding on the paddleboard with Brian, as well as playing fetch! 

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With Murph in the house, Max is no longer alone! Even though he has been used to being the only child for years, he couldn’t be happier around his younger brother! The two now make a fantastic duo, making every day the best day of their lives!

You can check out their first meeting in the video below. And, if you’re interested in more of Max and Murph’s adventures, take a look at their official Instagram account!