Emotional Reunion Of A Senior Beagle And His Dad After More Than 700 Days Apart


Thousands of dogs run away from home every day, but getting them back to where they belong is sometimes a true miracle! 

Bosco, the senior Beagle from Westerley, Rhode Island, has always been an adventurous dog. One day, he somehow slipped out of his collar, went out of the house to do a little exploring on his own, and disappeared.

Years passed by and Bosco’s owner, Bill, didn’t think he’d ever see his furry companion again. But then – something amazing happened…

Bosco Went Missing When He Was 9 Years Old

Senior Beagle sits on a leash on a white blanket
Source: Bosco’s Journey Home

When Bill realized his doggo was not coming back home, he did everything to find him. Even though this veteran has back disability and he has difficulty walking, Bill still made hundreds of inquiries about his buddy. 

There were dozens of missing posters of Bosco in Westerley, Rhode Island, but unfortunately, there was no sign of him whatsoever.

After months of searching, Bill eventually gave up, as he thought he’d never see his dog again. He moved to Lafayette, Colorado, and started a new chapter in his life. Still, he never forgot his companion or stopped thinking about him…

Spotted By Rhode Island Residents

Senior Beagle on a video on the street
Source: Bart Ehleen

It was more than 700 days since Bosco’s initial disappearance when a few residents spotted this dog and recognized him from posters. Turns out he was living on the street the whole time, but he couldn’t find his way back home.

When they found him, he was extremely fearful and scared of people. The locals contacted Sheilah Graham who sometimes volunteers as a pet detective and helps people find their pets. 

She immediately contacted Bill and told him the good news. As Bosco was extremely hard to catch, Bill helped Sheilah with information about his favorite foods and she successfully managed to lure him into a trap.

Sheilah Graham To The Rescue

a wet Beagle sits wrapped in a blanket
Source: Bosco’s Journey Home

Finding Bosco wasn’t a miracle itself, but the thing that happened right after that. When Sheilah found out that Bosco was too old to be on a flight, and that it was impossible for Bill to travel due to his disability – she decided to step in!

She voluntarily drove 30+ hours in her car to deliver Bosco to his dad! She crossed more than 2000 miles and went through two snowstorms, but it was worth it.

When asked about this journey on Facebook, she replied that she’d do it all over again. Just seeing the two reuniting again was enough for her to consider the trip successful.  “That’s the reward. That makes the 36 hours in a car worth it.”

Bosco Remembered His Long-Lost Owner

the owner kisses his dog in the garden
Source: Bosco’s Journey Home

When he first got home, Bosco was shy and confused. But, then his dad called out, “Dude!”, and the dog realized he was finally where he’s supposed to be! 

He surrendered himself into Bill’s arms and from that moment on – nothing mattered anymore! Bosco finally made it to his furever home and reunited with his family. This story soon went viral and touched the hearts of millions all over the world…