20 Funny Dogs That Found A Way To Bend The Rules


Ah, dogs can be such rule breakers!

Well, they’re still better than cats and much more polite. At least when dogs want to disobey you, they do it with class. They actually bend the rules instead of breaking them. 

You gotta admit, some of those disobedient pooches are quite clever. I’d never think of doing something like that. 

These 20 pups I have here today have gone viral for bending the rules around the house. Their owners weren’t mad. They were impressed by how wise they all are. 

1. I Had To Start With a Video!

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Because he’s the most badass of all dogs today! Well, once the sammich is in the belly, there’s really no point in yelling at the dog for breaking the rule. 

2. No Dogs On The Sofa!

dog lying on the sofa on the arm rest
Source: imgur

Technically, she’s not on the couch; she’s on the arm rest. So, no rule breaking here, right?

3. No One Said A Thing…

dog leaning his head on the sofa on the arm rest
Source: Imgur

… about the chin on the couch. 

4. Mommy Had A Big Surgery

dog lying between his owner's legs and resting
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Doggy isn’t allowed on her knee, but every rule can be bent. 

5. She’s Definitely Not On The Sofa

white dog resting on the sofa
Source: imgur

See, she has her own blanket and definitely isn’t touching the sofa.

6. No Dogs In The Kitchen During Meal Time

dog sneaking behind kitchen door
Source: imgur

Well, he’s not in the kitchen, so… 

7. Bombastic Side Eye

dog looking aside at human food
Source: imgur

Because begging for human food is not allowed.

8. Completely Following The “No Dog In The Bedroom” Rule

dog lying on doorway of bedroom
Source: imgur

So, she’s creeping right outside the bedroom door. 

9. No, I’m Not On The Footstool!

dog leaning on the footstool in the living room
Source: borepanda

Don’t you see I’m kneeling on the floor?

10. The Bedception

dog lying in his bed on a bed
Source: boredpanda

No dogs on the bed. But, a dog in a dog bed on a real bed seems legit. 

11. Technically, Mom, I’m On Your Leg

dog lying on his owner's legs on the couch
Source: boredpanda

So, don’t come at me!

12. This One Is Really Pushing The Boundaries

dog lying on the carpet in a bedroom
Source: boredpanda

The only thing that helps him get away with it is the fact that his back paws are in the hallway… Barely!

13. You Said “No Laying On The Sofa”

dog sitting on the couch as human
Source: boredpanda

Technically, I’m sitting, just like you sit. Wanna tell me we’re not equal?

14. No Dogs Up Front

dog leaning his head between two persons on front seats in the car
Source: imgur

Please, guys… I think I’m getting car sick… 

15. No, They’re Not Staring At The Plate

two dogs standing on the couch and looking at their owner  eating food from a plate
Source: boredpanda

They’re staring at each other!

16. They Said I Shouldn’t Go In The Bathroom

dog stick out his nose through the door with bathroom
Source: @yasrodriguez_

… but they didn’t say anything about my nose.

17. I’m Not Pushing Your Buttons, Karen

dog lying on the floor near the kitchen
Source: Justsomething

you asked for this when you banned me from the kitchen!

18. No, I’m Not Sleeping On The Sofa!

dog sitting on the sofa in the living room
Source: boredpanda

I’m practicing my hand stand. 

19. Yeah, That Seems Legit

dog bitting coffee table made of glass
Source: Dailymail

No head on the coffee table, but the upper lip is juuust fine. 

20. Everyone Says Dogs Are Forbidden On The Couch

dog inside of couch looking into camera
Source: Justsomething

How about dogs inside the couch? Huh? Huh?