15-Year-Old Chihuahua Mom And Her Two Sons Find A Furever Home


There’s something every dog owner hates to ask himself: what would happen to my dog if I die?

As a dog owner myself, I can’t bear the thought of my dog being left alone without me or ending up in the shelter. I’d like someone who cares about me to take care of my dog if I unexpectedly pass away. 

Like I said, it’s not something we like to think about. It makes all of us sad knowing our dogs could end up living a life they don’t deserve.

When the owner of three senior Chihuahuas passed away, he left the dogs to his sister. But, plans are one thing, and reality is a whole other. Things didn’t go as he planned, and the three Chihuahuas were left moments away from being put down to an eternal sleep. 

But, even when everything seems so dark, there’s always a chance a savior will come. 

For these Chihuahuas, the savior was Cher Polvinale, the founder of the House with a Heart Senior Pet Sanctuary. 

A Case She Couldn’t Refuse

rescued dogs on the couch
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Senior Pet Sanctuaries aren’t that common like other animal shelters we have on every other corner. They’re rare because senior dogs demand special care. It’s not easy to handle multiple dogs with severe diagnoses. And, trust me… senior dogs have lots of diagnoses. 

Seventeen years ago, when Polvinale founded House With A Heart Senior Pet Sanctuary, she believed she could make a difference. But, she knew she couldn’t do a lot. The sanctuary is still, to this day, relatively small, but it does a great job.

Sadly, Polivinale has to reject some adoptions and channel them to helping homes of their volunteers and rescue partners. For three senior Chihuahuas, a mom and her two sons, networking was the first solution because the sanctuary was at capacity.

“When I was contacted about Bella, Hudson, and Ciroc, my first thought was to get all of their information in order to network for them,” said Polivinale.

The owner of these Chihuahuas sadly passed away, and the dogs were left to his sister. 

Bella, a 15-year-old mom, was quite into her golden years, and her two sons, Hudson and Ciroc, 13-year-olds, were not too far behind. They needed extra care and attention, but the woman could not handle it on her own.

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Along with moving and taking care of her ill husband, the auntie in charge could not take care of three dogs, especially because they had diagnoses, too! In addition, the trio didn’t get along with the woman’s dogs either.

“Bella has a serious enlarged heart and terrible dental disease. Hudson also has a bad heart condition, and gallstones as well as dental disease. Ciroc is lucky to have just dental disease, and he has an ear infection.”

An Hour Drive That Saved Lives

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Having one senior Chihuahua is already hard enough. Just imagine having three of them, all with medical conditions that need to be taken care of.

Don’t blame the woman for not knowing differently. If it wasn’t for her daughter, all three dogs would’ve ended up on one of the many euthanasia lists. Luckily, the woman listened to her daughter and started Googling for senior dog shelters in her area. 

The nearest one was 1 hour away.

When Polvinale received a call, she learned something terrifying: all three dogs were scheduled for euthanasia that exact day, at 4:15 PM. She was in absolute shock, but she knew what to do.  

Polvinale immediately asked the woman to cancel the appointment and drive to surrender her pups. 

Scheduling euthanasia was an act of despair. The woman gladly took Polvinale’s proposal and drove that day to surrender the trio. She was beyond happy to find them a sanctuary – a place where they’ll be loved and cared for.

Besides their medical diagnoses, the three Chihuahuas didn’t have any other major issues. They were sweet (as sweet as a Chihuahua can be!) and they seemed to fit in rather fast. It didn’t take more than a day or so at the sanctuary for the trio to adapt. 

“Our motto at House with a Heart is: ‘Love lives here,’ and we intend to love Bella, Hudson, and Ciroc for as long as possible.”

Life At The Sanctuary

the rescued dogs are lying on the couch next to each other
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Mommy and her two senior sons are still at the sanctuary living the best of their golden years a life every senior dog deserves. 

Ciroc is already getting treated for his dental condition. And, despite having only three teeth left, he’s taking it all like a champ.

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And, Hudson and momma Bella are doing well, too!

sad abandoned puppy rescued
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They’re all having so much fun together at HWAH!

Since the sanctuary depends a lot on donations, you can pitch in and help Bella, Hudson, and Ciroc. Head over to House With A Heart and make a donation today! 

Your contribution means a lot to these old souls. Help them have the sparkliest golden years ever!

We all pray for Bella, Hudson, and Ciroc, and wish them a long and lovely life at the sanctuary.