Zoey, The Lab And GSD Mix, Has The World’s Longest Tongue


The world is full of unusual dogs. And, we couldn’t be happier about it!

Some are super tiny; others are extremely large, even beyond their breed specifications.

Some have unique markings on their coat, tail, on their forehead, extra toes, an extra nose, and whatnot. 

But, none of it makes them weird or unwanted. In fact, it only adds to the cuteness factor! 

Zoey is a lovely Labrador and German Shepherd and she, too, has a uniqueness factor. 

Some dogs grow into their ears; others grow into their large paws.

Zoey grew up, but she never grew into her large tongue. 

Ready for some slobbery doggy kisses? They’re coming your way!

Zoey And The Guiness World Record

black dog with longest tongue
Source: @big_blep_zoey

Just outside New Orleans, Louisiana, in a lovely suburban neighborhood, Metairie, one four-legged resident, tasted fame. And, guess what? Zoey says it’s almost as delicious as her favorite treats!

Zoey is a sweet three-year-old Lab and GSD mix that everyone loves. When her owners first saw her, they immediately fell for her. It was love at first sniff!

Sadie and Drew Williams, Zoey’s hoomans, thought her tongue looked a bit odd, but they believed she would grow into it like most pups do. 

woman holding black puppy with long tongue
Source: @big_blep_zoey

As we now know, that never happened.

“We got Zoey when she was only six weeks old, and in the first ever picture we have of her, she has her tongue sticking out,” said Sadie. 
“It would be slobbering all over the place,” added daddy Drew.

black dog with long tongue sitting on the concrete
Source: @big_blep_zoey

People started noticing Zoey’s extremely large tongue, so Sadie and Drew decided it was time to actually measure it. Well, they expected a lot, but they didn’t expect it to be that big!

“So, sometime last year, we took her to the vet and measured her tongue.” 

Zoey’s tongue was measured from the tip of her snout to the tip of her tongue, and the exact measurement was 5 inches! That’s as big as a standard pencil, a soda can, or even a toothbrush! 

Zoey’s tongue was officially recognized by the Guiness World Records on December 23rd, 2022.

dog with longest tongue lying on the floor
Source: @big_blep_zoey

She’s now the only living dog with such a large tongue.

Zoey’s Guinness Predecessor

lab and gsd mix dog with longest her certificate
Source: @big_blep_zoey

Of course, Zoey isn’t the first dog in the world with such a long tongue. She’s the most recent record holder. But, before Zoey, there were other pups with an extremely long tongue. 

Bisbee, Zoey’s predecessor, an English Setter from Arizona, was the previous record holder, with a tongue that measured 3.74 inches!

Before Bisbee, Mochi, the St. Bernard from South Dakota, was the pup with the longest tongue, at 7.31 inches. Unfortunately, Mochi passed away in 2021, but it opened a spot for all future record holders.

Zoey and the company aren’t holders of some strange Guinness records. These dogs don’t have a natural defect. It’s just a fun quirk that makes them stand out in the crowd.

This good gurl and her big blep will make you wish you received some big, slobbery dog kisses asap!

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