Dog Saved From A Highway Thanks His Rescuer With The Cutest Hug Ever


Many stray dogs get seriously injured or killed when they get hit by a car. Unfortunately, not so many people show compassion in providing them with help, which is why they usually end up in catastrophic conditions. 

The story of Wags, however, shows us that there are still good people in this world! This poor dog was stranded on the highway when his rescuers, Evie and Leslie, found him. What happened after they saved him will melt your heart!

Evie And Leslie To The Rescue

smiling woman and brown dog cuddling
Source: Saglik Bilgin (Image: Evie Benson/Facebook)

It was just an ordinary day for Evie and Leslie Benson as they were driving back home from shopping. They noticed a small, brown object in the distance, which later, they realized was a stray dog.

Cars were swerving around him while he was attempting to escape. They were so afraid that someone would accidentally run him over, which is why they decided to help this poor boy. 

Evie literally jumped out of the moving car and grabbed the dog as fast as she could. It was a matter of seconds, as the road was very busy, but fortunately – the rescue was successful!

Wags Was So Grateful

dog hugging a woman that rescue him
Source: The Dodo

The dog immediately started wagging his tail as a thank you. He was exhausted, malnourished, and dirty, but his enthusiasm never vanished. 

After a while, he fell asleep in Evie’s lap, which made her cry. All she wanted to do was let this poor boy know that he was finally in safe hands.

They took the dog to Goochland County Animal Shelter and Adoption Center in Goochland, Virginia, for further recovery. Evie decided to name him “Wags” as he was constantly wagging his tail to anything they’d say to him. 

The Sweetest Reunion

brown dog on a leash in shelter
Source: Saglik Bilgin (Image: Evie Benson/Facebook)

The shelter staff made sure Wags got all the care needed. He adapted in the shelter in no time, and started displaying social skills from the start. 

After Evie and Leslie safely transported Wags to the shelter, they decided to come back the next day to check up on him. 

They didn’t believe that the dog would remember them, but as soon as Evie entered the shelter and made eye contact with Wags – he ran over to her and started hugging her. 

He jumped into her hands and started curling up in her lap, as if he was trying to say: “Hey, thanks a lot for saving me!” This was a quite emotional moment both for Evie and Leslie, and for Wags. But, after all… they were just glad that the dog finally got the care he truly needed.

Still In Recovery

Wags is still in recovery in his temporary home in Virginia. The staff members want to make sure that he gets all the love and attention needed before he finally goes to his forever home. 

“He is extremley emaciated, but is all tail wags and love. He is receiving lots of love and care, and will not be available for adoption until after his medical is cleared,” said the GCASAC team on their official Facebook page.

We hope that Wags will soon find his forever family and never have to worry about escaping dangerous roads ever again!