Corgi With The Sweetest, Heart-Shaped Nose Is A Big Hugger


Some dogs carry markings on their coat, but not Wallace. 

From the moment he was born, everyone knew he would become a special little Corgi. 

Was it his sweet soul that told him off, or was it his special marking on his nose?

A little bit of both, I’d say. 

Wallace is an exceptional puppy and you’re about to see why!

Wearing His Heart On His Sleeve… Or, His Nose?

Wallace, corgi with a heart-shaped nose

Wallace is a Corgi that wears his heart on his nose. Have you ever seen such a unique marking?

And, yes… if you’re wondering, it is a tell-tale sign that Wallace is one incredibly pawdorable little fella. 

Wallace is a bouncy, chirpy, happy-go-lucky pup that’s oozing with pawsitivity. 

To be honest, I can’t remember the last time I saw such a happy doggo. 

Everywhere he goes, Wallace brings joy. He loves everyone and everyone loves him in return.

This three-year-old pup enjoys people admiring his heart-shaped nose as if he knows it’s a big deal.

photo of Wallace the corgi

When he’s not chasing his favorite purple ball or harassing squirrels, Wallace loves taking walks and giving out free hugs to all his canine friends.

No dog is too big or too small for Wallace. He will hug literally any pooch, big or small. If he’s too small for his buddy, Wallace will stand on his hind legs and hug his friend tightly with his front legs.

wallace hugging another dog

I mean, see it for yourself! Isn’t this the cutest thing or what?

wallace hugging a black lab

What’s so sweet is that all canine buddies enjoy Wallace’s hugs. He’s like a ray of sunshine and a daily dose of pawsitivity everyone needs. 

Wallace plays with another dog

Wallace’s heart-shaped nose is the best marking he could have ever gotten because this small Pembroke Welsh Corgi has a heart that’s bigger than you could ever imagine!

Wallace’s daddy keeps his Instagram account private, but if you’re a true fan, I’m sure he’ll accept you and follow you back. Come back and check social media for more cuteness from this sweetheart.