15 Dogs That Got A Very Special Treatment From Their Hoomans


It’s the small acts of kindness that always matter, but nothing here is small. What these dog owners did for their dogs is categorized as something extraordinary!

They don’t care if they have to go the extra mile for their four-legged friends. 

They don’t care if they have to spend a little fortune on spoiling their dogs.

The only thing they care about is the happiness of their dogs. 

These hoomans are remarkable, but their pups are even cooler!

Check out the incredible treatments these 15 furbabies got! I gotta say, I envy some of them!

1. Birthday Pup

dog celebrates birthday looking at birthday cake
Source: Reddit

To be honest, this dog had a better birthday cake than I did.

2. Let Them Eat Cake!

dog eating a cake from the table
Source: Reddit

A sentence this Doberman took way too personal. Needless to say, he won’t be crashing any more small dogs’ parties.

3. A Themed Party? Why Not!

dog wearing cowboy costume lying on the ground
Source: Reddit

There are dog birthday parties, and there are themed dog birthday parties. This Malinois is one lucky pooch!

4. Best Dressed Pooch At The Party

dog wearing a mariachi hat and swimming suit
Source: Reddit

Sure, it was a pool party, but who cares? Queso was the best dressed Chihuahua there!

5. Speaking Of Pool Parties…

dog sliding down waterslide at pool party
Source: nj

These pups had a blast going up and down the slides on the Morey’s Piers’ “Gone to the Dogs” pool party.

6. It’s A BarK Mitzvah

dog sitting in the armchair having bar mitzvah
Source: Reddit

Pawzel Tov, Teddy, for becoming an adult!

7. Wedding Crasher

dog wearing suit for a wedding
Source: Reddit

Here’s Nigel… all dressed up and ready to par-taay! He wouldn’t wear a tux for anyone but his mommy. 

8. Birthday Or Dog Appreciation Day?

dog driving on front seat in the car for her birthday
Source: Justsomething

Her hooman drove her around the town with Who Let The Dogs Out? blasting, so people could show her some appreciation. 

9. A Separate Room For The Family Dog? Yeah, Sure!

dog lying in his bed in his own room
Source: @Al_Chris16

Gotta say: this is one lucky pup!

10. A Tiny Closet For Tiny Ties 

dog wearing a tie sitting beside his own tie collection
Source: @jairafarala

A dog’s gotta be fashionable all the time.

11. Some Pups Even Got Their Own Books

dog with his own personalized book
Source: BuzzFeed

I wonder what it says on the inside…

12. The Best Maternity Shot Ever

dog wearing a skirt posing for photography
Source: imgur

All future mommies are beautiful, but this is one gorgeous lady.

13. Behold: A Breed Reveal Party

dog posing beside a painting of him showing his DNA
Source: BuzzFeed

When you have a mutt, the only logical thing to do is have his DNA analyzed and throw him a breed reveal party.

14. Special Wedding Guests

two dogs dressed for wedding sitting beside each other
Source: Justsomething

Even better dressed than the bride and the groom! 

15. Christmas Special

dalmatian dog standing in front of his house decorated for chirstmas
Source: Justsomething

Some people go extra around Christmas time. He belongs to one of those people.